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Lovebrush ChroniclesLovebrush Chronicles is a narrative romance game set in a multiverse.

The story has been dubbed by well-known voice actors from Japan, such as KENN, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Junichi Suwabe, Kohsuke Toriumi, and Daisuke Hirakawa.

With lots of beautiful original artwork and intricate background music, Lovebrush Chronicles will immerse you in tales of romance and adventure. In it, you play a freshman of fine arts with special abilities. You are traveling through many other worlds to find your love, which is where your tales begin.

Game Features
1. Multiple universes with infinite stories
From Western fantasy to modern romance, you can start your story in a wide range of parallel universes and explore the mystery of time and love. Every world is worth exploring.

2. Branching narratives with diverse endings
Your choices will directly impact how the plot progresses. Choose your love interest, develop your main storyline, and watch and explore the different paths that appear. But choose wisely! You never know where each path may lead.

3. Develop relationships through interactions
Enjoy interactive gameplay that includes daily campus activities, such as dating and more! These will help you improve character affinity and let you delve into their backstories. Collect mementos and experience each heartbeat.

4. Immersive experience with original artwork and full dubbing
Get immersed in stories and dialogue dubbed by well-known voice actors, and enjoy a rich array of gorgeous original artwork for a feast for the senses.

Game Background
This is a story of choices.
Face them or abandon them. Accept others’ kindness or make enemies.
Fall in love with someone in the story, or go it alone to travel the world and chase your dreams.

This is a story of growth.
You are what you choose, and each choice you make will affect what comes next.
The brush in your hand has the power to rewrite the universe.
Your choices will take you on different paths.
Remember, all you need is a paintbrush — for the world you wish to see.


Lovebrush Chronicles user reviews :

Completed the current main story with the epilogue. All I could say that the game is excellent. Energy is only required during battle stages but reading the story is free. The characters are well portrayed–each have their own personalities and back story. Rewards may be a little less compared to the energy required but unless you are in a hurry, it is not bad. Very free to play friendly, too, in the meantime, anyway. Still waiting if banners will be resource hungry in the future.

I cleared a full route in just one night seeing as I simply couldn’t put it down. Nice pacing, easy enough to beat battles even if under leved (the final boss on the first route was rec. Lv. 40, my cards were at 27-28), and absolutely beautiful art. The visuals and soundtrack are gorgeous, and the characters are nicely designed. I hope the other route feature the MC’s original world more as the route I played didn’t, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. A really good game, especially for the genre.

Genuinely enjoying this game so much to the point of having fallen asleep playing because I simply couldn’t put it down!! I really enjoy the gameplay, and the characters have a lot of depth. I would have happily given 5 stars, but my game constantly keeps crashing and auto-closing the app which has definitely affected my experience with it which is such a shame because it’s incredibly well done otherwise.

Loved this so much!! The story is very interesting. The characters are just so good with all the different personalities you can choose from、 the epic storyline of 2 worlds! Voice actors are also very pleasing. I also like how it’s not really demanding, and we r free to play whenever we can. :) just have to farm a lot if you want to upgrade faster, but no complaint here, cause they give us auto battles anyway xD

I really adore this game. From the music, VA’s, and the storyline, it’s all amazing. But it can get harder to progress once your cards are below level. Even though there’s auto battle system, it can still be a bit time consuming. Please add a “Skip” button for levels you’ve already finished and in the Practice Theater(but only if all the cards in your deck are the same or the highest level cards). Also, when getting Pictura memories, please add an endless battle mode so we don’t keep clicking

I only just started playing it an hour ago and I can tell that it’s FINALLY what I’ve been looking for: High quality, ethreal art style, music that could bring you to tears, well-thought out characters, and easy, refreshing plot. You can tell it’s not like the others; a rarity among otome games. Like Obey me or Court of Darkness, it’s a once in a decade game. Even the sound effects are considered. Please play this game if you need to let your brain breathe or just have fun!

The game as a whole seems super interesting, and definitely deserves way more recognition! I like the easy way to navigate the story and the artwork and music, though there are small grammatical errors in minor parts. Other than this, I’m really enjoying this game and I’ll be sure to recommend it to others!

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