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Rooms and ExitsUnravel exciting mystery puzzle games with Rooms & Exits Escape Room Game!
Join Fiona Fox on an unforgettable puzzle adventure escape room full of mysteries!

Ready to dive headfirst into the captivating world of murder mystery games and mind puzzles? Step into the shoes of Fiona, the fearless journalist detective, and get ready to experience a puzzle escape room game like no other. An exhilarating adventure mystery is filled with twists, turns, and mind-bending brain teasers that will put your thinking and puzzle solving skills to the ultimate test.

Crack the Unsolved Cases

Detectve Fiona is on an mystery adventure mission to solve a perplexing criminal case in order to escape rooms and crack the murder mystery. Your task is to help her find the clue to the crime, solve the mystery and escape the room. But beware: unique brain teasers have left even the most seasoned investigators powerless in these adventure escape games. This challenging room escape game will take you to unimagined depths of puzzle solving adventure games and immerse in a captivating storyline, full of unsolved case and mystery puzzle that make Rooms & Exits most addicting escape room game this season!

Engage in Challenging Puzzles

Puzzle solving escape games are a great brain teaser! And our escape rooms are designed as challenging games full of murder mystery, hidden objects and secret clues to put you to thinking and problem solving. As you investigate crime scenes, search for hidden objects and clues, and crack cryptic codes, you’ll unlock the secrets that lie within. Each mystery escape puzzle you solve will bring you closer to the heart-pounding climax of each case. Unlock every addicting escape room challenge and find the truth that awaits your discovery.

Embrace Your Inner Detective

Fiona’s mystery adventure escapes will ignite your passion for puzzle-solving and thinking games as you uncover hidden clues and motives, untangle complex webs of deception, and find a way out of room escape games. With Fiona as your guide, you’ll become an part of the criminal case investigation, solving mystery puzzle games, cracking unsolved case, uncovering murder mystery, and finally finding the exit from hidden rooms. Can you unravel the mysteries and even perform prison escape before it’s too late? Find out in Rooms & Exits, the ultimate puzzle escape room game!

Unforgettable Escape Room Experience

Our puzzle escape room game is tailor-made for curious minds who seek an exhilarating and immersive adventure mystery games. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a novice in the world of unsolved escape room mysteries, Fiona’s escapades will captivate you from start to finish. And if you ever get stuck in these thinking games, the hint button is a lifesaver!

Looking for challenging games that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Look no further than Rooms & Exits, the ultimate mobile escape room experience. If you’re a fan of adventure escape games, you’ll love our mystery escape rooms. With a variety of levels and mystery puzzle games to solve, you’ll never get bored.

In this thrilling escape room game, you’ll find yourself immersed in a captivating storyline full of unsolved cases, where every clue brings you closer to the truth. Solve challenging mind puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and escape from locked rooms and even prison before it’s too late!

Escape the ordinary and experience the thrill of a lifetime with Rooms & Exits, adventure mystery games!

Download now and see if you have what it takes to beat the room!

Rooms and Exits user reviews :

Either the game glitches too much or the tap registration needs to be fine tuned. As others said, you have to touch a specific, minute part of the object for the game to register. It’s frustrating wasting a hint that points me to what I was just trying, but failed to tap the right spot. I’m also disappointed the game isn’t truly “offline”, as service is needed to play.

  • Your feedback and your opinions mean a lot to us, thank you for sharing them with us! We hope you stay with us and keep playing our game.

Thought it was great, until I got to the amusement park. Everything was going great, until I had to do the boxing game, which is rigged so you can’t get points, and if/when you do, because it only shows the points you got for that hit, not a running Talley, you never hit the required score. I tried for several hours, even resetting the level several times. They have it rigged to try to force you to spend money.

  • We assure you it is not rigged You just have to hit the boxing bag when the bar is at exactly the right place. If you need assistance feel free to contact us through the in-game Help and Support (go to Settings – Help and Support – Get in touch) or send us an email at support[at] We’d be happy to help you!

This is worth a download. It suffices if your cheap like me and don’t want to spend money. I didn’t 5 star because very very few times I found a puzzle impossible to solve and some hints are useless due to not being specific. If you use a clue twice at the same, you should just give the answer. I’m done with all the levels and trying to find another game similar is hard.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products.

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