Rope N Roll – Ready to wrap your rope around the pegs

[Game] Rope N Roll

Rope N Roll

Alert – brand-new addictive connect the dots line puzzle art game!

Once you start wrapping that rope in a spiral roll motion around to fill in one puzzle, you won’t be able to stop!

This Rope N Roll line puzzle art game is kinda like connect the dots – but so much cooler!
Yes! Even cooler than Spiral Roll!

In this super fun and relaxing puzzle Rope N Roll line puzzle art game, wrap your rope around the pegs to connect the dots, spiral roll & fill up the puzzle, and make an awesome picture.

So many pegs to twist your rope around, so many amazing spiral roll moments, so many connect the dots line puzzle challenges to solve, so many art pictures to fill in and reveal!

Spiral Roll fans! Ready to wrap your rope around the pegs, fill in each line puzzle, and Rope N Roll?

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Rope N Roll user reviews :

It’s a really fun game. The graphics are cool and there different from other games, kind of realistic and fun to. The controls are pretty good but when I try to undo omething I end up roping it around more. It’s a good time killer and pretty satisfying. But like many other games there are quite a few ads. After almost every puzzle I complete, there is an ad. It would be awesome with less ads.

I literally can’t play the game. For the two levels I was allowed to play it was exactly what I thought. after that, the game would crash. I’d try to restart it only for the game to crash before I can do anything… fun. Edit: It’s the in app ads. I turned my Internet off thinking it was the ads. There would be a loading circle, and I assumed ad. so my assumption was correct, the ads are crashing my game. devs plz fix

I don’t know what it is with all of these new games, but none of the devs seem to know how to design a game. MUSIC IS A NECESSITY IN A GAME. The rope drag controls lag behind a bit making it hard to wrap the rope around the pegs, the vibration can’t be turned off (when you click the option to turn it off it does nothing), and you get ads every 3 levels that are long and can’t be skipped. Great concept, it would be a fun time passing game, but done horribly.

It’s a really fun game it’s a little hard though so you can get stressed out. But if you do get stressed out there is a hint button. When you hit the hint button it shows arrows pointing around the shape. Then you beat the level. And there’s barely any ads. Have fun.

concept seems fun, but this poorly executes it. The rope moves too slow so you can’t move fast to solve the easy puzzles, then there’s ads every 3 levels so you get to sit through that just to slowly make a hotdog. Overall it’s a quality game, with too many ads and too slow of a rope.

The frequency with which ads are displayed is so annoying, even more so when you can’t remove them for a couple of seconds and it loads an unnecessary “demo” every time. The “challenges” keep being way simple. The novelty wears off in a matter of seconds and the controls are laggy.

Good game! But, When you reach level six. Impossible for me, I’ve tried everything. My cousin is a puzzle master and guess what? He couldn’t even do this. Total trick. To be fair, try it if your further Great I mean no harm. I’d just like the beginning levels to be “Easier”. I’m not trying to be rude this is a suggestion that would like to be fixed. Yet again I’m never installing this game ever again it has horrible phsycics.

I see where they were going with it but there is wayyy too many ads and the levels are fun but I feel like it’s too easy. Honestly if they lowered the ads and made the levels more interesting/challenging it could then be a better game

This is a good game I didn’t give full stars cause after each level an add comes but I turned my net off and no more adds came. Before downloading this game I was reading the comments and someone said that level six is a trick. They also said that their cousin is a puzzle master and he couldn’t do it either, so I decided to try it and installed the game and I found out that level six wasn’t a trick I passed lev 6 all I had to do was look carefully at the image and go under one stick.

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