Bricks Breaker Pro – Find best position to deal damage to bricks

[Game] Bricks Breaker Pro

Bricks Breaker Pro  Just focus on breaking.

Find best position to deal damage to bricks and break bricks.


Free to play
Endless gameplay
score competition with players from all over the world

How to play

Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks.
When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks.
Get the green circle to increase the number of balls.
When the bricks reach the bottom line, game is over.
Challenge to make your high score!

Bricks Breaker Pro user reviews :

The gameplay is straightforward and while microtransations are available it’s not a play to win game. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to save your game and transfer it across devices. So when I updated my phone, I lost all progress which had included a couple of purchased boosts.

Pretty mindless distraction with a small strategic component at higher levels. Above 300, some levels absolutely require buffs but above 450, there’s no way to progress without spending all accrued buffs pretty quickly. The 100 mode is boring but allows to accrue buffs for higher levels. The trophy mode is awful. There’s no payoff of any kind, just mindless droning. [Latest update on Samsung A52 broke the game. It’s working fine on another device. But, at this point, it’s going in the trash

Addictive, simple game. Good timekiller. But big warning. I actually like this game and have killed quite a bit of time but I’ve encountered an issue that makes me warn everyone off. After failing to complete a level, I thought that a few extra gems might be worthwhile. On going to the store, I find that there are no prices on the items and you don’t get told the price when you try to confirm on Google Pay. I backed out immediately. It’s unforgivable to get you to buy items without a price.

I would like to see a ball release button. You can aim, but the second you pull your finger from the screen the aim point moves slightly. Also the balls move in an unlikely manner compared with a real life situation. ( like the balls following the exact path to and from its target. I’m on level 290 and it is extremely frustrating when you see the balls do things that they should not do. There should also be a round reset, not just a complete level reset. Was it worth my $4.50? Yes, but, for this much, there should be more options like the add included versions have.

You aim is to break down all the blocks but the blocks are slowly moving towards the ground. I bought it without ads and love it, as it gives good quick fun for 10mins or so. I particularly like the fast restart for when I’m trying to do all 3 stars. If you’re after a short quick fun game that’s trying and addictive, this is great.

Good at the beginning. Obviously, easy levels to start out with: no problem, understood. Gradually it gets more challenging: I like that. Some of the levels make you have to strategize where you want to play the angles and carums. Great, all those levels can be achieved with no power gimmicks( just straight shooting). I got to level 446. Here’s where the game got completely ridiculous. $$$. That’s right. You can’t complete levels unless you spend. They stack the screen thick with heavy valued bl

Meh. The game is a puzzle shooter, each stage as a set number of blocks for you to destroy and each block contains an amount of hits before it breaks. Not much towards gameplay, music I don’t remember hearing anything, the stages and levels are plentiful. I can’t justify spending money on this with the mediocre gameplay and the lack of music. Some people might fun this relaxing and thats great! This isn’t for me. Thumbs down.

I’ve enjoyed the game so far, up to level 402. But in that level, there’s +3 balls you can get; however, it only adds one to your total which is frustrating. If I hadn’t gotten the game for free from a deal, this (and many other bugs) would have made me so upset to spend money on it. Overlooking those, the game is a decent time waster.

Love this style of game and was more than willing to pay the $5 for the ad free version, but I can’t believe how basic this app is for the high price. Only minimal upgradesas you go up in levels only real change is your ball shape every now and then. Sad as I am that I wasted the money, I have migrated to a different brick breaker game with way more options, surprises, and customization and went “ad free” for only $1.99 WAY MORE VALUE FOR THE MONEY $$$. Will increase rating if game ever improves

  • Dear Phillip, We have added more features in recent update. Please update from store. In case any query feel free to contact us. Thanks

Not bad. Pretty fun. Good physics. Simple graphics. I like that it automatically speeds up when needed. It’s satisfying/gratifying when you get a good bounce going.

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