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RoutineryApp of the Day (2022)

Time management to make your life more relaxed.

Is your concentration low?
Do you habitually postpone your work?
Do you need a nudge to make your behavior easier?
Do you want to create and maintain a regular life?
Is your sleeping pattern a mess because you can’t fall asleep easily at night?

Routinery helps build routines based on behavioral science.
Have you ever thought that you lack will? That’s not true.

For example, just leaving a cup in your bedroom can increase your chances of drinking water in the morning!
Create productive plans and routines that maintain good habits with Routinery.

Recommend to your loved ones

Family who needs to take medicine.
Dad who needs to take care of his health.
A friend with insomnia.
A student preparing for an exam.
A telecommuting employee who works from home.
We have a gift plan. Even if you can’t make a routine,
give a good tool to the loved ones around you.
Routinery protects their lives!

Routinery Features
Manage habits and routines
Create your own routine by creating productive habits.
Get habit recommendations, add your own habits.
scheduling, automatic routine notification.
Various ritual, habits icons.

Powerful Routine Timer
Start with a timer so you don’t put off your habit.
Verify routine progress including remaining habits.
Using as a pomodoro, study timer, planner
Check the time spent on each habit.

Statistics and Feedback
View routine activities such as streaks/day-specific performance/calendar/habit completion at a glance.
Help improve routine activities with feedback from each habit.
Habit suggestion, report functionality to be added.

Conversations and Badges
Features that keeps you up.
Routine’s message encouraging routine activity.
Acquire badges as consecutive days pile up, check visual routine steps.

Support device, Other Features
Supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch & Android Wear OS.
Seamless backup and synchronization between devices.
Dark Mode Support.

Watch feature
View routine list
Timer run, Pause, add time, skip, end
Mobile Routine Record Connection

With Routinery

Make productive morning Routine, night Routine.
Plan and maintain the schedule systematically.
Relieve anxiety and overcome lethargy.
Don’t forget to keep the small habit of taking vitamins.
Maintaining minimalist lifestyle with ritual
Stay focused and get help with ADHD symptoms.

Recommendation habits, ritual

Making bed 1 minute → Drinking water 1 minute → Meditation 10 minutes → Stretching 20 minutes

Reading 30 minutes → Studying 2 hours → Writing a diary 20 minutes → Checking today’s to do list 5 minutes → Checking streaks

Celebrity routine
Tim perris, Oprah Winfrey, Benjamin Franklin… The routine is ready!

We’ll continue to work hard to be a habit tracker for you!

Contact us for errors and improvements: [[at]]([at]
Check out FAQ : Download App  Profile Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to hear from you. always!

Routinery user reviews :

This app is literally magic. Perfect combo of pushy but not annoying. I’ve tried a lot of habit and routine and to-do apps over the years and none have worked like this. If you waste your morning on your phone or falling back asleep this is very helpful. You only get two routines with the free version but that’s pretty good and I’ll probably end up paying to get more soon. It is a subscription not a one time pay model which is the classic greedy behavior I’ve come to expect in this day and age.

  • Hello, Jex. Thank you for loving us! We’re happy to hear that we can help your daily life better. More features will be updated continuously. Please look forward to it and feel free to contact us with any suggestions! Thank you

I love this app, and I would keep it and keep using it if I could turn the voice off. Not only do I personally find it distracting, but I often have to do my routine around my sleeping partner, and even when turning the notifications to silent the voice still goes off. Everything else about the app is great! I just can’t get around the voice and there isn’t a way to turn it off.

  • Hello, Claire Wheeler (Jupiter). Thank you so much for your feedback Routine List – Voice notifications can be disabled in the settings (…) of each routine. More features will be updated continuously. Please look forward to it and feel free to contact us with any suggestions! Thank you

EDIT: Improvements have been made to the app and it seems to operate with fewer glitches now. Would recommend for anyone looking to stay on track. The app is great in theory. However, if I exit the app during longer tasks I don’t get the alert when the time passes. I tried changing settings on my phone to ensure it can over ride other apps and still get this issue. Other than that, I really like the app.

  • Hello, Thamanna Vasan. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. If you don’t mind, is it okay if you tell us what the problem details? It’s cumbersome, but it’s fantastic when something like a picture or a video. We will actively use it to solve the problem. We will try toyour feedback for our further app improvements. Thank you!

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