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RoutineFlowRoutineFlow is a routine planner and ADHD organizer that puts your success on autopilot by helping you build a daily schedule to make you more productive. With this habit tracker you can not only create a morning routine but plan your schedule for the entire week.

Five reasons for why you should use a routine planner:
1. Get more done by tracking your habits every day
2. Establish powerful routines that stick even if you have ADHD as an adult
3. Wake up excited by having a morning routine
4. Stop procrastinating by stepping through each habit like a playlist
5. Having a routine planner helps you stay motivated

When using RoutineFlow you can create multi-step habits with a timer for each step. Quickly enter a state of flow and total focus while completing your morning routine.

All routines that you have are context dependent. That’s why RoutineFlow helps you build on existing good habits or lets you overwrite bad habits by setting a context for each routine. You always know what’s happening before your routine which is really important for your focus especially if you have problems with ADHD or with maintaining a consistent daily schedule.

We also gamify the process of completing your routines by using a timer, so you can challenge yourself to stick to your new habit.

When starting to use this routine planner for building your daily schedule, there are tons of templates available, like a morning routine or a study routine. Choose one of the templates or start from scratch by creating a custom routine.


A beautiful visual routine planner for your week
Track every habit or routine you have
Create multi-step routines, for example a morning routine
Beat ADHD adult related problems with a
Assign a timer and an emoji to each task
Get notified whenever it is time to complete a routine
No more getting distracted even if you have ADHD
Finish each task laser focused with a timer
Always see the next step of your routine
Visualize your habit progress with beautiful statistics
Clean dark mode

I’m a solo developer building apps, not a big company. That’s why it’s super motivating for me to hear from you if you have suggestions or just want to say you like this ADHD organizer. Simply reach out at

If you became more productive or made your schedule more consistent with Routine Flow, please leave a good review on the Play Store, it really helps me a lot :)

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RoutineFlow user reviews :

This app is both flexible and guided enough to where I can easily lay out my routine but still stay on track if I’m interrupted. I have yet to find any hard-to-understand designs or less than instinctual operations. My only trouble is a little bug with the pauses. When I pause a task that I am in the middle of, the timer for the next task still goes off as if the current task was not paused. otherwise this app is perfect!

  • Hey, this will be fixed in the next update. Happy you like the app!

This is such a useful app, it’s what finally got me to be more consistent in the mornings. Even though I sometimes forget to use the actual app, it got me on the right track. Being able to push a task to the end to come back to it later is also sooo helpful. I have noticed if I paused my routine to come back to it later and switch apps, it might forget I paused it and continue the task timers. Minor issue though, the app works beautifully otherwise!

I’ve been using this app after a schedule change at work to better structure my time. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, though I knew I had it my whole life. Despite being on medication now, which helps, I had to do more to get control of time management. After using it this week for a morning and study routine while going back to school online, I’m looking to use it to structure more areas. I highly recommend it. I just wish it had an option to add some sort of transition time between tasks.

This is a very helpful app. It has definitely helped me focus without getting sidetracked. The only thing I would wish for is, it would be nice to be able to choose an alarm or puzzle alarm instead of a notification when it’s time to start the routine. I occasionally find it to easy to skip my morning routine and more of a push would be helpful. However it has helped me be more successful with my goals overall, and I’m grateful to have it!

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