Royal Mage – Protect the kingdom against vicious monsters

[Game] Royal Mage – Idle Tower Defence

Royal MageWelcome Mages, to the magic world of Idle Tower!

As a Lone Mage, you swore to protect the kingdom against vicious monsters summoned by the evil dark lord. Defend your tower, upgrade your mage, defeat waves of evil and once you are defeated, come back stronger!

Royal Mage is an incremental idle tower defense game where you take a role of an mage defending his tower against waves of monsters. Defeat is a crucial part of the game, collect loot, upgrade your tower and mage and try again!
Your Mage will gain resources for YOU even when you are not playing the game.

Game Features
Addicting and simple tower defense gameplay
Idle game with strategy and RPG elements
You can get resources without even playing the game
Invest valuable gold to permanently upgrade your mage
Fight waves of evil monsters and defeat bosses
As in every strategy game, put your strategic thinking to the test

Royal Mage user reviews :

It makes you watch the ads to get all the gold you obtain during the runs, otherwise you have to settle for a third less then still have to watch the ads every now and then.

  • Thanks for your review! You can switch off ads completely via small in-app payment.

Was a good game until the recent balancing. My crit chance got reduced by 10x while it’s factor reduced by 10x while defense % was reduced 10x… there maybe could have been a middle ground but this is rediculous

  • Thanks for your report. We confirm that additive cards are broken in 128th version. We will fix it with upcoming update. Fix is published with 130th version

It seems the dev team put a ton aof work into this one, that being said it also seems like they want their dues sooner rather than later

  • Thanks for your review!

The skill upgrades don’t work, at least the coins per kill dosnt. I’ve upgraded and still do not get coins from kills. If the game wasn’t ready to launch then don’t launch.

  • We have double checked this bonus and it is working fine. Could you please provide us with additional details about your report via support[at]

Beautiful game. Definitely a challenge. But its been out for a long time now. When would more content be available?

  • Hi We are working on updates. Could you please provide us with your thoughts on features, which would be most interesting for you.

Enjoyed the game for a good while! Went to open the game and it fully reset everything! Its grindy enough to earn coins now thousands out the window???:( am sad

  • Hi Could you please provide us with details about this accident via support[at]

Your game isnt bad but i am having a problem with the stars per kill and gold per kill both have stop the upgrade at 2.44 and i have a screenshot of the issuse

  • Hi Thanks for your report! 2.44 is the highest value for both in the current version. We are working on new mechanics which will add more diversity to the game economy.

Pretty good game. I’m not getting any sound with the music on my Samsung Galaxy J2 android.

I haven’t played yet.. I’m at 86% downloaded.. fingers crossed for the 3rd time for downloading.. LoL’s But if it’s anything like archer idle tower.. I’ll beat it in 3 weeks.. LoL’s

It stop producing stars per kill at 2.44 and doesn’t allow u to upgrade plse fix the bug

  • Hi Could you please provide us with details about this accident via support[at] Screenshot of the issue could help us a lot!

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