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[Game] Royal Solitaire

Royal SolitaireRoyal Solitaire is the classic card game original & best Solitaire game for Android devices!

Play Klondike Patience today, the classic Solitaire card game experience has never been better!

Join a lot of users playing our Solitaire for Android! Our version of Solitaire is FREE and is the most popular in the Play Store! Train your brain with our Daily Challenges and puzzles for a new Solitaire experience each & every day. Play the best classic Solitaire card game on Android now!

The classic card game you used to play on your computer is now available to play on any smart device.

Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge, solve it and receive a crown.


Fun and Addictive Games of Classic Klondike & Patience Solitaire with Daily Challenges
Play different versions of Klondike Solitaire, including draw 1 card Klondike Solitaire or classic draw 3 card Klondike Solitaire!
Winning Deals: But beware, you will still have to find the right moves to beat the challenge!
Try all the new puzzles with addictive unique ways to train your brain with the classic game of Klondike!
FREE Card Games of Classic Klondike Solitaire

Is Klondike Solitaire for Me?
Do you like classic and fun card games? Then you’re bound to love Klondike Solitaire!

Download the Klondike Solitaire available for your mobile device today!

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Royal Solitaire user reviews :

The fact that the game will turn on its side when you tilt your phone makes it nearly unplayable for me. I just want to play solitaire while laying on my side, but the game will go into landscape mode if i do that even though my phone is locked into portrait mode and no other apps will change their orientation like this does! please, just make it an option in the settings to play in either portrait or landscape, instead of letting it change orientation on its own in spite of my phone’s settings.

  • Dear Matthew, thank you for telling about the issue. We will add this feature in the next update. We highly appreciate your patience!

The game moves along at a good pace and it’s responsive to selections. There are not too many ads. But when the Unity Ads started, the screen froze and then…nothing. Just a grey screen. I had to close the game by x-ing it out of my ‘active apps’ list and then restarting the game. But this ‘Unity Ads’ is now playing between every hand and it’s a pain to restart the game each time. I’m uninstalling it. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and the app is updated.

  • Hello Melissa! We are sorry to hear about the issue. Please, contact us from the app so that we could help you.

I’ve been playing this game for years and still love it but the latest round of ads has become too much. The ratio of game time vs ad time has become more time spent on ada than the game. Gotta uninstall for now

  • We regret you have watched so many ads, but we need to show them to properly develop the game. We hope you understand it, although we will think about changing how they are displayed to make them less annoying, but please consider raising your rating.

I really like this game its challenging but the problem I have is I can’t get my progress transferred to another device and this saddens me.

  • Dear Wendy, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, as we don’t have a way to save progress yet, and therefore to transfer it to another device. We are currently working on it, so we would really appreciate your patience and support, apart from a higher rating. We hope to have this ready as soon as possible. Thank you!

It’s a great, challenging, 4 in 1 game. My only problem with it was how unrewarding it is. It’s so hard to make coins. But I was OK with that, I could make some coins here and there if I play a couple easy rounds. That was until you took that away as well. so now there’s basically no way to make coins except buying them or watching ads (which also don’t give that much). What makes this all the more annoying is how expensive the power-ups are! At least make the missions give coins or something???

  • Hello, Jana! Thank you for your feedback! The game is supposed to be a bit challenging otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting.

i downloaded this app from magic puzzles to get the free puzzle pack. i have won more than 20 games in it and the progress never does anything. it’s very frustrating. this needs to get fixed because this is ridiculous that you have to play alot more than the ten games it says and still nothing happens. people shouldn’t have to keep posting complaints just so something hing gets done. just fix the app properly.

  • Dear Linda! We apologize for the inconveniences. Could you contact us via mail and we will restore the pack to your account.

This game is great, except for the ads! You have an ad after every hand! Also, even when you have the ads silenced, it still pauses spotify or sometimes even closes it completely, at which point you have to minimize the game to reopen spotify and then when you re enter the game you get ANOTHER ad! This game would by far be a 5 star game if the ads were fewer and did not interfere with spotify. I like to lisren to music when I play solitaire and I can bet that I’m not the only one!!

  • Hello, Amanda! We understand that ads may be annoying but we need them to make the app free for you. You can turn them off anytime.

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