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RTRThe RTR-NetTest (in German: RTR-Netztest) measures, in addition to the speed of your current internet connection (upload, download, ping, signal strength), also a number of quality parameters (VoIP, unmodified content, web page, transparent connection, DNS, ports).

When starting the app several symbols provide information about your Internet connection: mobile data or WLAN connection, background data transmission, IP address and location. The start button initiates the RTR-NetTest. The speed test is followed by QoS tests. QoS stands for Quality of Service. Horizontal bars show the progress of the QoS tests. Once all tests are completed, the results as well as other detailed information can be viewed in the summary. The menu is located on the left and allows access to home, history, map, statistics, help, information and settings.

The app of the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) includes:

an option to retrieve individual test results and the possibility to synchronise the results of different devices and to display them in the browser (“history”)
a map view of all test results with filter options by measurement parameters, statistics, internet providers and devices (“map”)
a display of the five most recent tests, statistics on the results of the Internet providers and all used devices/browsers with filter options by quantile, measurement parameters and measurement period (“statistics”)
quality parameters (e.g. signal strength, connectivity on different ports, modifications during data transmission, transmission duration for a reference web page)
a traffic light rating of the measuring result

Other features of the app:

2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS, HSPA), 4G (LTE) and 5G(NR) connections are supported; both for IPv4 and IPv6
test results are available as open data – see https://www.netztest.at/en/Opendata
the source code is available at github.com/rtr-nettest/open-rmbt

For further information about RTR’s app, detailed FAQs are available.

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RTR user reviews :

It really does some magics! Where I used to struggle to get connected to 4G and LTE signals and mostly I get E with no internet, I just tested my device with The QOS setting on for first time and did tweak the radio mode to LTE only by turning on Expert Mode. Now I get connected to 4G LTE signals more easily then before. Update – Looks like I still have that issue but its not that frustrating as now it doesn’t switch back to E just reconnects to 4G LTE after a while, surely its coverage issue.

  • Hello, just for clarification, the RTR-NetTest App measures only the current service quality (including upload, download, ping, signal strength) of your Internet connection. The tweaks you are mentioning are part of the functionality of the Android operating system and not of the RTR-NetTest App, the latter just linking to the former one.

Best I’ve found! More detailed testing than the rest I’ve tried, with usage type ratings. No ads, even for free! Has phone radio options (view + adjust) I’ve never seen before. Might even be open source! I sent off a few annoyances/suggestions like no dark mode, and could be improved for use outside EU (lots of small countries vs a big one). And the map showed me nothing (user error? Or measurement not integrated from me yet?).

Best speed/network/diagnostic app available, just too bad it’s based in Germany. Still works great and is in English but hopefully they get more worldwide CDN’s or partner with CloudFlare. The amount of detailed information I didn’t even know could be provided through a speed test just blows my mind and then to have the ability to compare with your past results or other worldwide results is just so useful. A designated bufferbloat section would be handy, though you can use the data to diagnose.

I’ve been depending upon Open Signal and Ookla Speed Test for many years and while they are both excellent, I HIGHLY recommend RTR-NetTest as a *necessary* tool for determining exactly the speed and conditions of the wireless signals you are receiving. I am of an analytical engineering mindset and was extremely impressed with this application. I only wish I had this for the past twenty years or so!

This is the app of the year. Amazingly done, all developer who took part in creating this. Ladies Gentlemen ( if there is) if any. 1. Maybe 1 request or look in to it, give some more description after results” example” on a port 20 is scanned, i check it, 15 is 100 pass and 5 has red X. Although not a concern for the current use. It a but confusing. Other than that. Great great app. Please keep it add free.

UI is pretty good but a bit lag and then, and also the speed test results are weird because it uses international server rather than the local server near where I live. I live in Indonesia and uses Samsung Galaxy A50s running Android 11.

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