Tile Story Match Puzzle – Sharpen your brain while finding joy

[Game] Tile Story Match Puzzle

Tile Story Match PuzzleWelcome to Tile Story Triple Tile Match Puzzle x Thrilling Rescue Story

Easy and fun match 3 tiles puzzle game!
Mahjong-inspired tile matching game with fascinating story episodes!

Urgent Alert! SOS! Struggling family, heartbroken mother, poor puppies… They all urgently need your HELP!

Embark on a rescue mission! Showcase your puzzle skills and compassionate heart to aid those in need!

Game Highlights

Enjoy easy and fun gameplay.
Conquer 10,000+ tile puzzle levels.
Immerse yourself in heartfelt stories.
Unlock new and exciting story episodes.
Experience creative rescue gameplay.
Encounter fresh puzzle-solving challenges.
Explore a myriad of themes – from candy and fruits to animals and mahjong.
Sharpen your brain while finding joy.
Ideal time killer and IQ booster.
Play both online and offline.
No Wi-Fi needed, play anywhere.
Regular tile game updates for endless fun.
100% free to play puzzle game.

How to Play?

Begin with a board featuring diverse tiles.
Match 3 identical tiles, like in Mahjong.
Clear the entire board for victory.
Beware! A full tray marks the end of the game.

Now, Lend a Helping Hand for a Tunaround…

Solve puzzles, earn stars, and urgently follow the captivating storyline.
Fix problems, mend broken stories, and rewrite destinies with a sense of urgency.
Let your puzzle-solving skills become a beacon of hope toward brighter days!

Become the legendary triple tile master! Engage in match-3 fun and experience the thrill of the story episodes.

Thanks for your support! Let’s have a blast in Tile Story!

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Tile Story Match Puzzle user reviews :

I really like this tile game A LOT more than the other tile game (Tile Match) that this developer has! It has more obstacles to overcome (such as “frozen” or “sticky” tiles), which makes the game more challenging & more fun – but it’s not so difficult that you can’t enjoy it. It gets boring when you’re doing the same thing over and over again, and you lose interest quickly…at least I do. Great improvement over other tile games!

  • Hi Cat, thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback as we are trying to deliver new content to our users. And we need the feedback to make us on the right way. Thank you very much again and have a nice day!

Great game, I finished it all thou, was number one the whole time until the very end with 15 hours left and ran out of stories, oh well, easy to obtain boosters, never lost a level. Thank you was fun !!

  • Hi Rebecca, it’s great that you have finished all story within current version. Generally, we would release very 1 or 2 weeks adding new chapters and other content. You are really an expert for Tile Match as you never lost ONE game. It is really amazing.And I will tell the Dev team to adjust the difficulty for making it more challenging.

Too many ads! Only have 1 tile story with barely any ads, so if they can do it?? Didn’t get very far cauz took 5 sec to beat each level, but the 30 sec ad watch annoying, so gonna delete game. Okay these games to relieve anxiety, not increase it.

it’s a challenge but you can get through it. keeps the mind active. just wish more stars were given. I am having fun!

  • Thank you for the amazing 5-star rating, Regina! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the challenge and keeping your mind active. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Keep having fun!

Really great tile game and no annoying ads! Different chapters to win.

  • Thank you so much, Amanda, for the 5-star rating! I’m glad you are enjoying the tile game experience without any annoying ads. If you have any questions or need assistance in the future, feel free to reach out. Happy gaming!

Great app on a long car ride if you have a phone. I like the fact you don’t have to play so many games to get your picture like soany other. You don’t get bored trying.

I truly love this particular “Tile..” with great twists & turns making it more interesting & challenging. Thanks for the “Attitude”!

  • Thank you, Yvonne! We’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying the game and finding it challenging. Your feedback means a lot to us. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Keep on gaming!

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