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Rugby Nations 24Dive into the heart-pounding action of Rugby Union with Rugby Nations 24! Fight every ruck, contest every catch, push with all your might at the maul, run for the line and score that cup winning try.

Now with new stadiums, game modes and enhanced game-play. Passes are quicker, kicks can be chained together and loose balls are enthusiastically chased down allowing you to score even more spectacular tries. Combined with contested ball catches, new unique AI opponent play styles and a raft of other improvements Rugby has never felt so good.

Download Rugby Nations 24 for FREE now and experience Rugby like never before!

Experience the thrill of playing in Argentina, South Africa, and Italy with our brand new Rugby Stadiums! Join the incredible line-up of meticulously designed environments and feel right at home wherever you compete.

Ignite your competitive spirit by mastering adrenaline-pumping Rugby moves like diving for the ball and intercepting airborne passes to seize the advantage!

Get ready for the ultimate clash between the powerhouse teams of the Southern Hemisphere in the highly requested Four Nations Rugby game mode!

Create a unique team logo with a wide range of awesome shields and eye-catching emblems. The new kit design tool lets you fully customise your team’s kit like never before. Get ready to stand out from the crowd!

Partner up with all-new team sponsors and watch your team soar to new heights! With long-term goals spanning across multiple seasons, you’ll never run out of things to strive for.

Choose from several game modes including the World Cup and Four Nations
Play both Men’s and Women’s Rugby and explore all aspects of the game
Enjoy brand new player visuals for both male and female players
Immerse yourself in 15 beautifully designed Rugby Stadiums
Set new long-term goals and secure team sponsors
Be cheered on by the enhanced stadium crowd
Personalise your team with exciting customisation options
Master new mechanics and finesse your play like never before

And, much much more!

This game is free-to-play but does include optional in-app purchases, which can be purchased with real money.


Rugby Nations 24 user reviews :

The new update is great! Seeing daily goals progress while playing matches is a huge help! It does have a few bugs, but I’ve encountered maybe 5 in two weeks of playing consistently. I think my biggest problem is once you get duplicate players, unless you use a position change and reroll stats they won’t be viable in other positions. If we could add stars(boosts) to players we have duplicates of it would be nice. Otherwise I absolutely love this game!

Not bad, could be better. The biggest flaws IMO are that higher ranking opp in the tournaments are made better just by the amount of turnovers they get. There were games when I had the ball, 4 out of 5 times I got tackled resulted in a turnover. Plus the game gives you control of a tackler so far away that the ball carrier is able to run a third of the field before getting tackled. You basically have no chance until you build up the team. That is a feature I like though, National teams build up.

Game would be a 5 if it would fix the issue of after getting a try, sometimes the kicker start running for the crowd and just keeps going and going, and going, and going.. you get so far in a match, then that happens and you have to quit the match and lose all your progress. Fix it, and I’ll jump it to a 5

Fun game Overall. A couple issues when it comes to tackling as the players sometimes run away from tackles. The auto player-switch could be improved to better select players closer to the ball or player. I have cross-kicks where the guy kicking is chasing the ball when the winger is literally right next to the ball, and not picking it up. Packs could also use more player upgrade tokens, they are extremely rare. Bench system needs to be reworked.

Nice to have an upgrade on past versions, and it’s no different in being able to slot straight back in. Biggest issue for me is the constant crashing. It just closes in the middle of play for no reason meaning you lose progress, or hangs in the middle of a scrum. It’s a real shame as it marks down how much I enjoy this game hugely now. If they could sort it it would be ten times better

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