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Word Search EpicWord Search Epic lets you enjoy free, unlimited puzzles in a variety of different categories. Find the hidden words to solve the puzzle. Play handcrafted puzzles, or generate new random ones for limitless, free play!

One of the top word games with some of the best options like design your own custom games, different sizes and difficulty settings plus a huge selection of categories for all your word seeking needs!


Generate new puzzles for unlimited play!
More than 70 categories!
Hundreds of free word search levels!
Large or small puzzles with 4 difficulties.
New daily challenges.
Complete fun goals.
1080p HD Graphics.

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Word Search Epic user reviews :

Addictive. I like the options available, especially how it lights up the word when you get it or close to it, as a hint. I also play this on my Macbook, where there are no ads, but at least the ads here aren’t intrusive during play and it’s easy to see how to close them and they don’t autoplay obnoxious sounds or anything. On the subject of sound, though, my only suggestion for improving this game would be the option of relaxing background music.

Added a star Feb 2023. (Previous review:) Was Great. I don’t know if it’s my phone, which it could be, but for over a month now the ads get done and the game freezes. I have to close it and reopen, and redo several puzzles due to that glitch. It could be my phone system. But it didn’t happen like this before the ads became very video heavy.

I like it okay, but not enough words in each puzzle. Also, the colored lines that show you’ve found a word are so thick, it obscures the other letters on the board. I like that the ads are just 10 sec. or less and right back to the game. I have the jigsaw puzzle from these developers and I’ve enjoyed that very much. If you have a problem, these two brothers will do their very best to help you out.

Love the experience and the gameplay is smooth. I would like to see new words searches for the categories

There are no limits to the time you can spend on a puzzle. You are never interrupted while working on on a puzzle. The words in each group of puzzles are clustered around a topic. The chosen font is big to allow easy reading. Makes sense, right? All these factors combine to maximize your performance with no stress. Bingo!

First job every day to do daily one. Best word search I’ve come across with new games added frequently. If I ever finish it all I’ll just go back to the beginning and start again. 23.9.2020 Deleted the game 10 weeks ago after being diagnosed with a brain tumour & no longer able to do it. After a few weeks tried again & while lot slower have managed to complete a couple. Wish I’d not deleted it cos I’m starting ALL over again. Probably never do it all but I’ll give it a good try. Brilliant!

A great word search app with a pleasing user interface, good for soothing and relaxation. I will consider this as part of my top 5 favorite word search app games. Not that hard, puzzles are mostly always a breeze. I completed all the categories that aren’t hard in just 3 days. Overall this is really great.

So far, so good. Has ads that you have to wait through, but for a free app, that is to be expected. The ads aren’t too bad. The puzzles are fun and on the hard ones you can make it so only the first letter of each word on the list shows up. That makes it more challenging when you want that too.

Definitely enjoying. A lot of puzzle levels. Timer or no timer. And a few choices of colors, I recommend the red it somehow makes the words almost stand out

I love word search games. But this one, without a doubt is the best one. I can just relax and play!

I was looking for a word find that didn’t become too hard or was ridiculous easy. This game is perfect – the games are challenging without getting ridiculous.

I have always liked these puzzles and there isn’t alot of ads. It really passes the time when you are waiting for a appointment or just to have fun and test your mind.

By far the most complete and well thought out Word Search game. And, it is addicting and fun. I have been playing at least one puzzle per day for 2.5 years… Not even half way through.

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