Bifrost – Fight one of the Great Bosses

[Game] Bifrost – Heroes of Midgard


Send your Heroes to raid Epic Dungeons and level them up. Revolutionary idle system – progress in the game even while you are offline.

Group your Heroes into parties to make them work together and defeat powerful enemies!
Receive detailed reports from each raid and change your strategy to make your parties more powerful than ever!

Unlock and level up Heroes with unique abilities! Equip legendary items with unique properties to change the course of events and free the Land of Midgard!
Boost abilities of each Hero to make them more powerful.
Mix and match Heroes and form powerful parties. Build your strategy around the strengths and weaknesses of your Heroes.

Once your party is strong enough you can take your chances and try to fight one of the Great Bosses. Defeat the boss and collect epic rewards and loot!
Don’t get upset if you don’t win the first time – those beasts are tougher than they look! Each boss has a unique party to accompany them.
Your Heroes can fight bosses when you are offline. You can review boss fights when you are back and watch the replay!

Progress through the game to unlock various regions across the world of Midgard and explore new zones!
Each region has its own unique content and elements that help you speed up your progress.
You can explore the world map even if you have not unlocked all the content yet.

Challenge other players in the PvP arena! Arena conditions change every day.
Collect rewards for winning each season and progress through Leagues to become the Grand Champion!

Bifrost user reviews :

Great game but could use some features that most idle RPGs have like 2X speed when you’re battling, also needs binding for Google account.

This game simple but moorish. Excellent!!! No need to say anymore.

I have great wifi connection but the game always says “connection failed” really? Uninstalled.

  • Hi, we are very sorry you were not able to enjoy the game. Please contact us at info[at] and we can help you troubleshoot the issue!

More heroes are needed for diversity. Also, 4 heroes team composition better than 3

Its actually a fun game! Kinda pay 2 win but it’s not bad

Said game hasnt passed google verification and cannot be played

  • Hi Daniel, We are very sorry that you were not able to play the game. Please contact us at info[at] and we will be happy to assist you and further troubleshoot the issue.

solid for f2p with worthwhile grinding

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