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Runner HeroesEscape from the Crocodile Boss by running, jumping and skating. Help the animal heroes stop the plans of the evil tech company and save the animal city!

Runner Heroes is a fun endless running game featuring animal heroes.

Run and collect gold coins and foods in the animal city to constantly refresh your highest score record. Cute rabbit, smart fox, strong orangutan and more heroes are waiting for you to unlock. How far can you run?

Every run has the potential to push your own high score limit! Upgrade Heroes to increase your score multiplier for higher scores. Run as far as you can!

Have fun anytime and anywhere, and keep running for high scores even when offline! With simple finger operation skills, even a novice can become a parkour master! You can play it on your phone or tablet.

Put on roller skates to avoid obstacles and shuttle through the streets, and show your roller skating stunts! Different roller skates have different skating skills!

Double jump, shield, jet, double gold coins and more. Help you get high scores and coins!

Gliding in the air can overlook the beautiful scenery. Fun toy towns, futuristic city full of technology, and exciting chemical factory for you to explore!

Complete tasks to unlock other animal heroes! Get cool clothes to fill your favorite animal hero’s wardrobe.

Join us to save the animal city!

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Runner Heroes user reviews :

Pretty basic game, same game with old overused endless running concept, decent but quite better graphics, few characters looks like they were ripoff from Zootopia but the main problem is other endless running game feels faster but this game feels extremely slow, it’s like you’re running but on treadmill which never goes forward, plus unnoticeable obstacles. And when you get hit it always begs for 15 diamonds and watch ad to revive, but it’s fine tho

  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. We have provided your feedback to the support team. We will continue to optimize the game to bring you a better experience. Have a great day!

This game is alright but this game reminds me a lot of Metroland… not that it’s inspired… it’s that you guys almost copied EVERYTHING from that game. The same mechanics. The same theme. The same powerups- EVERYTHING IS THE SAME. Why would I play your game if I can just play Metroland? The only thing different is that instead of humans, the characters are anthropomorphic animals but that’s really it…

Great game, one problem. When the rollerblading duration ends, it cancels your jump. It stinks when you get really far but then the Rollerblade ends and the jump cancel lands you in an obstacle or down a ravine you were trying to go over. What stinks more is the fact that the rollerblading events only count score when your on a Rollerblade, so any moment your run could be ruined when the duration ends. Fix that bug please.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. We have forwarded the feedback to the support team. Now our support team is discussing and optimizing the issue. Have a great day!

Its a pretty good game. I give it 5/5, theres one problem though, the graphics are junky. My suggestion is that make the graphic more realistic just like subway surfers please

I like this game very much and there are better graphics but while I am playing it pauses itself when I get a high score.Can you please fix the problem

Man I love this game. Pretty good game and the ads are not bad at all. Unlike other games the ad’s take over.

This game have a big potential the graphics is good the event is good there are many rewards but please add some characters and board in this game and add some update this game ia enjoying ilove this game

The game is so wow but the sliding tecnic it’s just once you can’t double slide plz put double slide plz

Very good game love it thanks to makers for brilliant and unexpected game you maded make more efforts and make more games .

This game is one of one only that this game catch a lot of fun so much fun works very fine running and nice activities a lot of fun guys.

good game, it very seem like metroland, i hope you will upgrade this game and add new content :) and ill give you 5 stars

  • Hello, thank you for your support. We will continue to optimize new content in future versions, so stay tuned! I wish you a happy game!

I love this game and i want to become the part of your community and also support this game .If you provide me support so it really appreciate me

It’s a good app I once used it and it works very good for me. and I am happy for it.

Very nice and very beautiful and very amazing and beautiful and amazing game and running game

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