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Safe NotesSafe Notes is a notepad application that stores your notes in a secure manner using 128 bit encryption and provides quick & easy access using a simple pin or a secret question/answer (can be used like a password instead of pin).

Notes can be identified using a separate title instead of just the first line of the note. Safe Notes stores all your data on the device instead of uploading your personal information to the internet. Safe Notes is easy to use and provides a simple interface. Safe Notes is a secure and easy to use notepad application.

Remembers login for 1 minute so you do not have to login again if you navigate away for a short time.

Delete notes by long tapping on a note in the list.

Please update and run Safe Notes before upgrading to Gingerbread (Android 2.3). This is required to ensure you will be able to access your notes after upgrading your phone/device.

Safe Notes (free version) is ads supported.

If you have any comments or feature suggestions, please let us know at We are always working to improve our applications and welcome your ideas on how to make our applications better.

Pin Number access (auto locks after 1 minute)
Secret question/answer access (can leave out pin for password style access)
Separate note title
Create/Delete notes
Notes can be up to 5000 characters
Sort Options (ascending and descending)
Search functionality
Send note as SMS or Email
Database storage
Send note as email or SMS message
Destroy Database option
Help screens and messages
All data encrypted (128 bit encryption)
All data stored on device
Email Backup and Transfer
Auto-Save notes
Auto Backup to Google Cloud (optional)

Available space
English language only

Safe Notes user reviews :

I changed from 4 numbers to a worded pass word and now it won’t let me in. I know 100% for sure it is the right password. I don’t want to lose all my information. the app is great except for this. I emailed them and asked for help. They responded the next day. I only lost what wasn’t backed up. I defiantly love this app. I need to learn to back up more often. Thank you Safe Notes!!!!

It’s very difficult to scan from top to bottom (when you have 15 items listed) because it’s wanting you to copy/paste or it goes to Google maps or puts up the phone number. Downloading another one to see if it works better. It’s locks good. Needs the choice of private or locked with diff codes to get in. A coffee for the main one to open it then a code for each topic. But ty was worth a shot.

Hate it now, what have you done with backup??? in the help list where does it back up to Google drive, I mean there is no option for me to “create a backup to Google Drive” I can email the data base, of which I’ve done numerous times but it will not open in any app. though originally it used the “safe note Pro 4.9.5 to automatically open and save. And that is what the help menu ways it will do. I have now LOST over 38 very valuable passwords and their appropriate info. EG “Help menu” Sort list-Search-Settings-Email data base-Create local back up- Restore local back up-Restore from google drive-Help I CANNOT MANUALLY BACK UP TO GOOGLE DRIVE!

I have auto backup to google drive switched on, but when I close the app there is a message flashed up similar to error accessing google drive. Can you please assist. Otherwise I love this app. I use a Samsung S9.

Since March I’m unable to backup, restore or email any databases. I’ve contacted support who suggested I do a backup and email a copy to myself? My query to them was the fact I couldn’t backup or email so suggesting l backup or email makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks for no support so called support department. I’m now having to uninstall and find a better app so I can backup and save my info.

Another Drlegend recommended app. This app is perfect to takes secure notes both on a PC or.on mobile phone. I am sure we are all guity of leaving notes on some unencrypted device especially system administrators lol well this should help you sleep a bit better at night.

All of a sudden I cannot edit my notes. Frustrating since it used to work. niw I have to delete and re input information. Not happy

Super. I keep all my pwds inside it. Excellent feature is the backup of encrypted database. Very good app

I have try many notes apps and this is the best. It is very stable with no bugs.

Good app for keeping track of hours but got new phone and can’t restore on it backup only restores on phone you used it on

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