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Save the EarthYou will try on a role of a saving planet fund.

Get engaged with the activities which will affect the Earth’s future. Research, think, make your choice and see your results. Save our home and its inhabitants!

Go to our website to learn more about our goals:
Take part in saving our planet together with us!

How to play:
The player’s goal is to stabilize ecological situation on the whole planet on early stages. And then step by step restore and improve eco-situation of the Earth. In the end of your game you will get your statistics on how successful your mission was. Each step leads to different consequences, you have to make thoughtful actions and fast.

Study specifications of regions and their exact problems
Track eco-situations of the Earth’s regions
Integrate ecological projects
Send volunteers for help
Fight negative ecological aspects: poachers, trawlers, smugglers
Overcome the devastating consequences of disasters
Encounter new green technologies
Education game about ecology.

Play ecology world simulator Save the earth. It’s one of the excellent nature games. Eco-friendly app. Planet Earth and the solar system needs protection. In our world simulator you can rebuild the world and create a good Earth strategy of saving.

In our nature and solar system games you can develop modern green projects. Build correct good Earth strategy and tactics to avoid climate smash. Find out more about ocean problems, water poisoning or Earth lighting.

Disaster games might be very useful. Playing Save the Earth you can create your own world. Your strategy may either save the planet or smash the world. Play solar system games and learn more about world’s protection.

Simulator games are a reflection of the real world. No one wants to destroy the Earth on purpose. But the biological system of the planet is changing. People need a plan to protect it. In our world simulator you’ll see what will happen if we don’t change anything.

Save the Earth is much more than just a planet simulation clicker. It contains ecological characteristics of real regions of our Terra. Play our strategy game and you’ll be able to make our planet a better place. Civilization and eco sphere need your protection.

Saving our world in the strategy game will help to maintain our planet in reality but not only in strategy games.
Playing the clicker you may not depend on the internet connection.
Solving ecology problems in the world simulator you learn how to do it in the real world. Eco questions do worry our civilization not only in nature games.

Take part in saving our planet together with us!
We ourselves are in fact active preservationists of so part of the money we get from sales of the game we put to charity. Go to our website to learn more about our goals:
Privacy Policy:

Save the Earth user reviews :

Really great game with a great plan and good execution, well mostly good execution. If you want a good strategy game that is educational and has similarities to plague inc or rebel inc then sure get this game but it has one glaring issue and it’s lag. You would have to wait 10 seconds just to get to the upgrade screen because if the massive lag and freezes. Until then if they were able to fix this issue I will now leave it at 3 stars but easily 5 without the issue. (Edit: they fixed it!)

Engaging interface and gameplay – with interesting and realistic environmental intiatives – keen to keep playing

This is a fun, interesting, and educational game, in the best way possible! You’ll learn about environment/climate change and how we can make changes, all while being fun! It doesn’t require a ton of experience bc the tutorial is great and explains everything quickly and easily. It’s a point and click game that requires strategy and multitasking. It is also not some rip-off where u HAVE to spend money to win/succeed. I paid two dollars to unlock rewards without having to watch ads.

This is a cool little game! I’ve only played a few “rounds” so far, and it proves to be challenging while still being payable. I guess my only comment is that it might be cool to have more game modes; maybe an animal conservation mode or a soil quality or loyalty mode, to focus on specific facets of “saving the world”. Otherwise though it’s a fun game, and it gives an inside view of the challenges we face trying to stabalize the world’s ecology. I’ve had no bugs or issues with it so far.

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