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Paranormal Cryptid LoversOpen-minded, brave, and impatient, you’re passionate about monster movies and filmmaking. In fact, you’ve got plans to spend this last summer before film school making a movie with your friends! Or at least, you did until your mom roped you into staying with your eccentric Uncle Gary in the small town of Everly Springs…

Now you’re stuck working at his video store, swapping ghost stories with your coworker, Kit. You figure this summer’s a bust, but once Uncle Gary starts talking about the local legends, you’re rushing to grab your camera.

Within 48 hours, you fall straight into the arms of Prince Gil, a swamp man, and you also get swooped up by the local Owlman—Erebus. Will your sleuthing bring you closer to the truth of their existence or will you find yourself falling head over heels for the legends themselves?


Meet Kit — The Paranormal Fan

Despite his punk clothing, Kit’s a kind soul, albeit somewhat mysterious… Born and raised in Everly Springs, he originally had plans to go to college for screenwriting, but now he’s just working at the video store with you. Kit doesn’t believe in the legends and creatures of the town, and while he’s not rude about it, he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of it… so far.

Meet Prince Gil — The Swamp Man

A standoffish, arrogant swamp man who lives in the local springs, Prince Gil used to be a jovial and charismatic guy, but years of being Everly Springs’ primary tourist attraction have left him with a poor opinion of humans. As a result, he hasn’t been seen in the area in quite some time. Now that a development project is threatening his underwater kingdom, he may be forced to call upon you for help…

Meet Erebus — The Owlman

Erebus is an enigmatic, intelligent Owlman with psychic powers and super speed. He accidentally revealed himself to a group of teenagers in the 1950s and quickly became one of Everly Springs’ many urban legends. He hides away to protect himself from those who would harm him in the name of scientific study, but the forest has been growing lonely, and his heart yearns for someone to understand him…

Meet Alexander — The Ghost

A shy, yet charming ghost who haunts the video store owned by your uncle, Alexander is the son of the town’s founder, and died tragically young at just 18. He despises what Everly Springs has become, and mostly keeps to himself, but he’s become intrigued by you. When a new developer arrives, Alexander sees a golden opportunity for him to influence things from the afterlife and finally get his way…

Paranormal Cryptid Lovers user reviews :

Just like other genius games, this one too was a banger. I had alexander on my mind first, but since he turned out to be a traitor, I chose kit. I kinda wished there wasn’t the intimate scene on the second part tho.

This was an amazing and interesting story though there are rubies for some options but still without that also the story was very good but if you take the premium options the episode will be a little longer and some choices can really be very interesting but whatever it is the options doesn’t have much impact on the main plot and this is also one of the main reason I love this story

You got to pay for the obvious choices. Also the obvious choices take alot of rubies so that means gotta pay alot more often. Can watch a add to earn 30 points to trade for 1 rubies, but you need 25 to pick the choice and the adds you gotta wait till the timer goes down to use again.

The story and art style held my interest from start to finish. Despite the mysterious cryptids charming me along the way, my heart said Kit was the one and I wasn’t disappointed. The dynamics were beautifully written and I’d love to see a season 2 for this gem!

I like the game so far the story is fun and well written, BUT it is expensive. Need tickets to progress and rubies to make the choices you want. I can’t afford a game like this which is a huge bummer, since it seemed like it would be a great story to finish.

It’s good as always,but the game can get boring overtime because genius Inc keep using story( or genre) that are almost the same.But when the Kabuki phantom is released I was surprised,cause the white hair character have slightly yandere vibe,maybe make a story base on yandere character? For example we the player got trap in a game ( yandere otome game) that we previously play.But we play as the character that is supposed to get kill but obviously we want to survive

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