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[Game] Say No to Rom-Coms

Say No to Rom-ComsWhen your attempt to ask out your crush is met with rejection, your classmate Mineko, who recently experienced similar heartbreak, ropes you into joining her visionary anti-romance club.

Together, you form a movement to challenge the expectations of teenage romance and ideals, aka the hierarchy of hotness, that Mineko believes students use to determine if someone is worth dating or not.

But things take an unexpected turn when she decides to run for student council president—the same position as the crush who rejected you—with the goal of destroying the hierarchy of hotness that plagues your school!

Make a stand against heartbreak—say No to Rom-Coms, and join the Anti-Romance Movement today!


Mineko Asuma — The Anti-Romance Visionary

Mineko is a stunning beauty whose fiery spirit sets her apart from the crowd. Although she has confidence like no other, she possesses a penchant for starting debates, likely as a result of being born into a family of influential figures. However, her sharp tongue has left her longing for genuine connections, as classmates hesitate to approach her.

United by a desire to demolish the shallow ideals of love, you and Mineko become fast allies. Though her passionate nature often clouds her judgment, at her core, her heart brims with compassion for those she cherishes, even if expressing her emotions often results in fiery clashes. Will you become Mineko’s right-hand man in her movement, or can you prove that romance isn’t all bad?

Aoi Haneda — The Popular School Idol

Aoi is a cheerful underclassman who once graced television screens as a beloved child actress and idol. However, her legacy left her bullied by envious classmates and shunned by others intimidated by her fame, giving her a disdain for popularity and a distorted perception of romance.

Despite her petite frame and cute disposition, she possesses an indomitable spirit and hopes to stand up to her bullies, and change the way others view her. Will you help this charming idol through her turbulent high school career or leave her to fend for herself?

Chizuru Kawakita — The Mature Student Council President

Chizuru is an upperclassman whose elegance and beauty have placed her at the top of the school’s hierarchy of hotness. Revered for her humility and kindness, Chizuru has effortlessly captured the hearts of countless admirers, including yourself. And though your confession to her one day leads to a tearful rejection, you still can’t get her out of your mind.

As the esteemed student council president, she seems to lead the perfect life—but a particular secret shows that she longs to experience true love. Will you stay by her side and help lift her burdens, or will her rejection alter your relationship forever?

Say No to Rom-Coms user reviews :

The game is interesting but problem is that there are so many primium choices, I mean I understand that cost is high ,but choices are too bad,If you don’t take primium choice than other is bad choice, I think you should reduce primium choices in new updates, hope you understand my problem and try to do something about it, waiting for it’s next part

Hey Genius, long time fan and user but I have to ask. Is everything alright? I’m not sold on this idea of splitting your stories into 3 parts. A season used to mean a full season of your game, a complete story, but not we might get as little as 5 chapters. I used to pride myself in being able to complete a new Genius game in a day or two, but 5 chapters isn’t worth bragging. Now you posted about 2 hrs ago about the finale for the “No to Romance” story, but there’s no update. Staffing issues?

THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!!! 9.95/10 tho… Unfortunately I don’t really like the idea where there are this “Special/premium question/decision” that you need to pay “crystal” and you need to use this lottery like machine in order to get some low coins and to top things off the trading is pretty ummm… “Interesting” to say the least… Like 12 coins for just one crystal for real???? I mean I think to MY OPTION they should really remove the feature that you need to pay for that “decision”…

Now that the game is finished, definitely a 10/10 for me. From beginning to finish, I really liked this game in all ways and I honestly don’t have a complaint about it. As for the whole releasing it in different parts, I admit I prefer the whole game, but I like this too. Basically I just want to say that do what you wish, I know I’m definitely gonna play the next game. And I can’t wait finish the Dragon one too along with the other game as well

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