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Strikers1945 REStrikers1945: RE, an officially licensed vertical-scrolling shooter game, is here.

Become the leading character of the special force, “Strikers”!

Experience the thrill of defeating enemies, just like in the original plane shooter game, Strikers 1945!
Clear the missions by combining more than 230 different skills.

Take control of renowned aircraft such as AV-8 Harrier, F-4 Phantom, F/A-18E Super Hornet, F-117 Nighthawk, F-22 Raptor, X-36, etc, and clear the scenario stages.

Customize and maintain your own aircraft using 6 parts – aircraft, missile, fuselage, wing, chipset, and engine.

Game Features
Simple controls
230 different upgrade skill combinations
Customizable aircraft from the Strikers 1945 series
50 scenario stage battles
Thrilling daily missions
Offline patrol mode

App Permissions
We require permission to provide the following services while using the app.
1. (Optional) Storage (Photos/Media/Files): Access to external storage required for additional downloads and saving in-game screenshots.
2. (Optional) Microphone/Recording audio: Required for using voice chat
Services excluding the functions related to the corresponding permissions can be used without allowing optional permissions.

How to Remove Permissions
You can reset or remove permissions after allowing them as shown below.
1. Android 6.0 or above: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Allow or Remove Permissions
2. Android 6.0 or below: Upgrade the operating system to remove permissions or delete the app
If you are using Android 6.0 or below, we recommend that you upgrade to 6.0 or above as you can’t change the optional permissions individually.

Strikers1945: RE is available in 10 different languages!
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, Tiếng Việt, and ไทย!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.
This app is free-to-play and offers in-app purchases. Purchasing paid items may incur additional fees, and payment cancelation may not be available depending on the type of the item.
Conditions regarding the usage of this game (contract termination/payment cancelation, etc.) can be viewed in the game or the Com2uS mobile game Terms of Service (available on the website,
Inquiries regarding the game can be submitted via Com2uS Customer Support 1:1 Inquiry ( > Customer Support > 1:1 Inquiry).

Strikers1945 RE user reviews :

was really looking forward to this game, but the control scheme is absolutely terrible. The constant pausing of the game to upgrade your ship is just irritating. Bullets flying all over the place and random pausing, followed by trying to work the wonky thumb stick make for a very frustrating experience. Having to spend 5 mins coming up with a screen name because only 8 characters can be used and every name is already taken is also just lame. Game also freezes. Hopefully it gets improved.

  • Thank you for getting in touched with us. The problem that you’ve reported requires a more in-depth analysis. Please send us an inquiry through and our customer support will glady assist you.

Consistent graphics, I like the old look it has. It has survivors type upgrades but they feel too frequent for such short games, survivors lasts from 10 minutes to 30 or until a loss, this game lasts 5 minutes before having to move on to the next level. Too many rewards so you spend more time on the menu than the actual game. The UI is snappy and quick which is great. Controls are however the worst I’ve ever seen, speed shouldn’t be a thing when facing bullet hell.

  • We are saddened to know that we did not meet your expectations. However, we’ll make sure to deliver your comments to our developers for a review. We hope that you see some revision in the game soon.

An ok reproduction of a classic arcade game. Ruined by the intrusive mid-level manual selection power-ups that could lead you to lose a life pretty quickly. Power-ups mid-level should be automatic. I’ve experienced ads in games before, but the ones here are very long – much longer than what I’ve experienced elsewhere. I will be uninstalling due to these big – for me – negatives.

  • Your opinion means a lot to us, so if ever you have additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our customer support will rapidly assist you.

Absolutely FANTASTIC! This what I’ve been hoping/ craving for a very, very long time! The original Strikers mixed with modern ‘rogue like’ elements to make the already great gameplay even more enjoyable! It’s not too in your face with ‘must buys’… they’re subtle and there but not needed, which is rare these days. If you’re looking for a great version of Strikers on the go with rogue elements, randomization, clean crisp graphics and memorable sounds then this is totally for you. I recommend it!

  • Your review is fire! We appreciate the support and interest. We hope our Strikers1945: RE game content is what you have been looking for. We’ll try harder to bring you the best game out there.

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