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Sea Traders Empire America was discovered in the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries! No way! The brave Vikings were the first to come there. It was them who created the empire on a small island, on which, by the will of fate, Martin and Bella got.

They will bring European knowledge to the life of the islanders, and islanders will teach them the skills of the Viking ancestors in return. Together with King Vinland and beautiful Chloe, Martin and Bella will establish production, build trade ties and fight bloodthirsty pirates, turning the tiny island into the heart of powerful maritime Empire.
Create your own empire and send trade expeditions to expand its borders;
Get resources, produce goods and build your farm city;
Decorate the island with unique buildings and items;
Complete exciting quests and get interesting tasks;
Get acquainted with little-known facts from the history of the era of the great geographical discoveries.

Join Martin and Bella and quickly set off with them on an unforgettable adventure!

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Sea Traders Empire user reviews :

A great game. My only problem is the Brick road quest! It doesn’t register any brick roads laid at all. Which means, I can’t finish any further quests! Any chance of an update to fix this, please? 5 * when this is fixed. Although, I can still play the game, but not quite the same! 30/09/22 After latest update ; Brick Road bug not fixed! Prosperity stops on level 50. Treasure map has disappeared. On the plus side: Some of the land has been cheaper. Thanks!

I have found that, like 2 others (Kerstin on 7/3/22 and Sassy Gal on 6/9/22), I cannot do the quest of the 10 stone walkway. It doesn’t register in the quest. Now, after weeks of playing, I see that both quests are asking for 10 stone walkways, effectively ending my ability to follow the story line. Now there is a new update… but still this bug has not been fixed. Please fix it in the next update so I, and others, can proceed in the game.

I have been playing for a while now , enjoying the game. But am stuck at being unable to upgrade my castle because the game is saying The buildings needed arev notbat the required point . But they are as far as I can see can you help RMBU-VTB(-2AXG

Please find solution to this quest of 10 stones walkway, I just updated it thinking you might have solved it but no… Aside that the game is a go for… Please find solution to it .

Fun but has issues. Wish the castle would minimize along with the rest of the buildings. So many tree stumps I can’t get to because it is in the way. Impossible achievements. I have one that wants to to build “5 green decorations”. I built 5 of every decoration in the game. No achievement rewarded. Not even progress listed. Also there is one to “use 500 food”. I have done everything and not been able to make a dent in that one. Plus constantly running out of storage space, need more warehouses

I love this game, play it all the time. Couple things wrong, the quests are out of sync and for some reason I’ve done the quest and still no credit for doing it. I’d make a few changes like seeing the warehouse items in a tab on top. The gem earrings by watching videos should be on top as well considering how much you need to open next area. Maybe more videos would help. I also wish your prices were a bit lower. Also can you hide the castle, loading docks because I can’t move paths.

Love the game and the concept. EDIT 5/3: I’ve sent two emails telling you there’s a problem with the game. On my quest to place 10 sections of brick road, I’ve placed a ton of them and it’s not registering (at all) or clearing that quest. It’s stuck. Please help. I can’t move on with that part until it’s gone. Thanks! EDIT: 6/9/22: I’ve messaged twice now to dev and the build the brick road issue is still a problem. Not fixed. No reply from dev. Can’t move forward. Uninstalled and reinstalled.

I love this game a lot It’s a nice game but I want you to fix these few mistakes 1. The rate at which you get the diamond are low. It take too long for you to get good amount of diamond 2. The cost price of the land gets too expensive although they have the same length or area 3. Some upgrades are just useless because they don’t bring you any profit but rather loss. But all the same this game is a very good and nice game, in fact it has become my favorite game

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