Viking Gods – Join forces with the goddess Freya

[Game] Viking Gods – Idle Tap

Viking Gods Restore glory to the Nine Realms as you fight in an endless Ragnarok!

Join forces with the goddess Freya to recover sacred relics stolen by Loki and scattered across the realms in this epic incremental clicker game.

The battle to end all battles has left Asgard in ruins. Rebuild your defences by unlocking rooms to generate iron. Upgrade your rooms to increase production and rise through the halls of the Gods. Battle in Ragnarok again and again to reset progress, boost productivity, and conquer faster than ever!

Collect legendary Champions and tap to defend your rooms against invasion by mythical foes. Win XP to level up your Champions, maximise their stats and make them even more powerful. Take down powerful bosses then journey across the Bifrost bridge to expand across the Nine Realms!


Unlock and upgrade rooms to generate stacks of coins
Progress through the Nine Realms in this humorous take on Norse mythology
Earn idle currency even while offline
Daily login rewards and over 40 missions
Collect legendary characters to defend the realm against enemy hordes
Battle rivals in PvP to earn points and rank on the global leaderboard
Prestige to reset your world by triggering an evolving Ragnarok!
Ragnarok and roll to an original Viking rock soundtrack

Viking Gods user reviews :

The most annoying thing in a game for me, worse than adds, it’s that more than half game is unnecessary dialog. Probably will get better later in game, but didn’t wait enough to see that. I know is a new release, but There are plenty of bugs. When use some abilities, boss life is rising up, mobs stuck in the wall, after lvl 20 can’t get cards, but specially that the game is not saving in clouds. When I reinstalled the game, had to start from the beginning. Bad exp trying a new game. Big NO

  • Hello. We are sorry that you’re having issues with the game. Can you please contact our Customer Support team directly? They should be able to assist. You can reach them at support[at] Apologies for any frustration caused. Thanks.

I like the arts and the characters, the dialogues are fun. But the amount of (optional) ads is annoying. I’d happily buy a remove ads pack to not be bothered by those.

Starting up the game. I get a message in non-english which seems to ask if I consent with ads in the app. Please ensure that message is english or provide a change language option before showing that message. Not so friendly.

Pretty fun so far. As of the time of this post I have run into no bugs or glitches. The dialogue is a little much for me but that’s not really a problem. Great game y’all!

Fun game, nice artwork, but when I made a purchase it caused my game to freeze up and become unplayable. When I open the app it ask me to claim my chest, but then freezes up.

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use, and when you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

I adore anything to do with norse myth so this game is up my Street, idle side is fun and challenging. Raids are a ton of fun so is leveling heros and realms. Story is a ton of fun. Keep up the good work all

I’m loving this game so much and I love Norse mythology One issue though on my s22 ultra the iron at the top of the screen is cut out by my camera hopefully this can be fixed but doesn’t ruin the game.

Game is reasonably fun, though needs some fixes. If you level your characters to 20, you will not be able to rank up. I’ve max levelled all and no longer get any cards.. Occasionally enemies will get stuck in no man’s land and you will not be able to finish a raid.

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at support[at] with your details. Please send in your PikPokPlus ID, the device used, and any additional information regarding your issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

I find this game to be one of the most enjoyable tap games I’ve ever played, lots of dialogue and it’s very intriguing to me, I could see myself playing this game for hours.

Hilarious, balanced and cleverly themed, there’s nothing *new* here, but it’s easily among the best clicker games.

Game looks fun and the art is pretty! Getting a hang onit for now. I wanna get more units tho, will keep playing and adjust reviews as i play the game more!

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