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Seafood IncDo you look forward to becoming a boss one day? This is the best moment to prove and assess your management and strategic skills.

If you think managing a company is an easy thing, try this fish-catching management game and show what you got. Be the boss of a seafood factory and show your managerial and entrepreneurial prowess and become rich.

From scratch, build a world-class seafood company that deals with all kinds of fish. As you progress, you acquire and unlock various ultra-modern and efficient machines and facilities to help you build your seafood empire. You have assistants that guide you through your quest to becoming a great boss. Efforts are accompanied by income, rewards, bonuses, and gifts.

With determination and assertiveness, make strategic decisions through challenging levels
In this Seafood game, if you slack, you lose money and rewards. Be assertive, proactive, determined, resilient, and strategic. You need these qualities to build your seafood empire. As you advance through the challenging levels, you sharpen these qualities as well.

Catch seafood and start managing your company
Deploy your fishing boats to sea to catch fish for your company. While the fish have been caught, there is a crane to help you lift and place them onto a conveyor belt that conveys the fish to the packaging machine.

Build ultra-modern machines and facilities
Install, maintain, and upgrade machines that will help you process seafood products. Acquire more fishing boats when the company’s income progresses. This will help you get more different kinds of seafood to boost your income.

Manage staff to work more efficiently and effectively
Hire the best staff to handle various departments in your company. Efficient and effective staff can help boost your income and rewards. Upgrade their performance periodically and see the magic it does to your income and fish output.

Get rewards for every effort you make
Earn a never-ending income and rewards as the company operates with your acquired machinery and staff. For every effort you make, there is a reward. Rewards can be in cash, stars, diamonds, etc. Use them to make upgrades, manage fish products and build your dream seafood empire.

Notice funding opportunities and make good use of them
Stay alert and notice funding opportunities from investors and increase your profits and rewards for the company’s expansion. Funding from investors helps you to raise money to expand your factory, increase your productivity, and gradually build your seafood empire.

Stay alert and supply orders to earn profits
Supply orders made by merchants on time and get more profits and rewards for your company. Periodic orders are made by your clients and businesses. Be sure to check them frequently and deliver accordingly.

Have fun while building daily life skills
Have unlimited fun as you crack your brain to make the best decisions for your company. This will help you make daily life decisions in your work, school, and business. This Seafood Inc. game is designed specifically for you.

Challenge yourself to build a top-class seafood company like a boss.

Seafood Inc user reviews :

Game was kinda fun, but it required too many optional (but not really) ads to be enjoyable. Bought the ad skip package, and they started removing the benefits of the package over time. They severely limit the amount of earnable premium currency yet require you to use it to advance. The game pushes VERY hard for you to put more and more money into the game. Overall, it’s way too expensive for how enjoyable it is.

  • Thank you for playing our game. We will continue to update the game and add more novel and exciting content!

It’s a fun game! However, the ad rewards aren’t worth it, and the amount needed to go to the next city is FAR too high. I have all of the stands maxed out, and I’m making ~50b a minute. It costs 1.87 ‘i’ or ‘l’ to get to the next city. That will take weeks. Not worth it at all. If maxed out stands only gives you b, the next city should be priced at d. Not i or l.

It’s a great idle game overall, but there are a few problems.. 1. Screen lags after watching an ad 2. // Most of the time, ad rewards aren’t added. // 3. Gems/diamonds (whatever you call it) are way too limited. // 4. Production of restaurant currency is way too slow. // 5. Also, it is very irrelevant that every time you go to a new place, you have to spend gems to upgrade your machine speed. They should have already been upgraded, like in the case of the staffs or workers.

  • Thank you for playing our game. We greatly appreciate your feedback. We will optimize them in future updates and add more novel and exciting content.

Would be an interesting, fun little game if it wasn’t for the “ad isn’t ready” messages. You have to watch ads to progress quicker and to double your income – except the ads rarely work! Disappointing. Also, they won’t give you the cards you need to progress until you pay for something.

Game is fun but all the factories look the same and once you get to the 3rd one you need so many cards to update. They go from needing cards for every 100 level to every 50 level upgrade, so you can’t get enough of the cards you need without spending gems , I’m guessing they’re wanting you to spend money to progress. but it’s not with it especially when all the factories are the same just with a new fish addition at the end.

  • Thank you for playing our game. We will soon be launching a brand new gameplay. Stay tuned!

The game is pretty fun especially if you’re a fan of the idle tycoon games. It doesn’t seem as pay to play as many others are. My only issue is when watching an ad for a reward about half the time it does not grant the reward.

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