Selera Nusantara – Get yourself in a real cooking craze

[Game] Selera Nusantara – Chef Restaurant Cooking

Selera Nusantara  Help Siska to be a master chef!

Find all delicious authentic Indonesian food in this game, Pecel Lele, Nasi Goreng, Sate, Mie, Bubur, and Many More. Serve your best food for hungry customers.

Dash from restaurant to restaurant. You will discover and unlock many places as you progress on your journey. Attract more and more customers. Show your skill as a Master Chef.

Get yourself in a real cooking craze. Cook like you’re a MAD in Selera Nusantara! Did the cooking fever catch on and you can’t get enough of  cooking games?

this is the cooking game for you! You’ll be serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in amazing restaurants at a FAST pace. No challenge that can’t be beaten by you.

Practice your cooking and management skills. Tap as fast as you can, keep your eye on the time, dash, and quickly serve your customer.

Making dishes have never been so much fun and exciting! Try all the possible kitchen appliances to improve your cooking abilities. Upgrade dishes and kitchenware for a better gaming experience!

Madness things you can find in this game

Cook & Develop , find so many authentic Indonesian food
Get Combo & Huge Profit , show off your cooking skills
Open new restaurant, and unlock new food by collecting enough key
Upgrade your kitchen and tools to be the best chef, and go viral!
Find many level from the easy, to challenging
Complete special mission dan achievement to get more
And keep an eye on many more updates to come!

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Selera Nusantara user reviews :

I love this gameeee. So many yummy food illustration and menus hehek. recommended. The ads are rarely and good too

Fun game but not quite enjoy the story, always skip it because it mainly just a drama messed by Renata, although the illustration is quite nice

So far, it’s good. There are ads but not long ones. There’s in-game purchases but so far, no levels that requires player to pay to win. The storyline is quite interesting, it’s like watching a sinetron. One thing i don’t really like is you need a really strong internet connection to access a new chapter or it won’t load at all. And the double tap to remove food can be really bothersome if you play fast because you can accidentally tap it and cost your points.

A very interesting & enjoyable games with some minor bugs but it’s not that bad. The ads were bearable since it’s a free game after all. The story was interesting and the gameplay was not that difficult but it makes me want to keep on playing. Would love to play another game like this in the future. Oh! Thank you so much for the new update. Can’t wait to try Season 2! Keren banget

Very nice. The ui is kinda standard for cooking games, but that’s the best setup for games like this one. The devs is nice enough to put a story. Every character has their own background story. That’s amazing, eventho the story is on sinetron-grade level, but i can’t complain much since i’m not a fan of sinetron myself. But the story is good, rlly. Their english is very good, no grammar issues. So far the levels are easy, but i believe it’ll get harder (i’m still in indomi chap btw).

So far I’m really enjoying it. It’s simple but with a cute story and gameplay/graphics are really nice. No need to spend any real money. There are ads but only in between every 3 levels or so and only 5 secs then you can exit out of them. For a free game I’m 100% ok with it.

Loved it best cooking game ever. Believe me i have played a bunch. But now I have to wait for a new update. HURRY UP. Just one suggestion how about describing the diffrent dishes. Maybe just me but it adds to the game when I know what I am cooking.

And I don’t even normally like cooking games like this! I love how this is challenging, but not impossible. The graphics are good and so far the updates are regular. Can’t wait for the next update already!

Such a great idea to bring local culinary in this kind of game. But storyline will be much better if siska as the business owner/ manager who pursue her dream to make giant business…I have played several stages and found the story reminds me of “sinetron Indonesia” in terms of story and their characters.

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