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[App] ihancer – AI image enhancer

ihancerIf you have photo with poor quality, or want to increase resolution this app is for you. It will enhance image quality automatically just with one tap using machine learning technology.

It’s very simple, first you import photo with bad quality from gallery or take new one with camera, then tap on one button, wait a bit, and get photo with good quality. You can compare enhancement results in detail in real time by the looking at the photo before and after.

Technology is optimized to work with images with faces, but also works fine with all other kinds of photos. You can share enhanced photo with other apps like social networks, messengers, photo editors, etc or save to gallery.

Typical use cases:
Fix pixelated and blurry photos
Restore photos
Remove image resize artifacts
Enhance image quality
Increase image resolution
Improve image details
Enhance facial photos

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ihancer user reviews :

Simple app. This app does one thing and does it (more than) reasonably well. One thing I appreciate beyond that is that while it IS ad supported, they fit the ads in their own frame at the top of the screen. This allows me to keep working without having to wait for ads to play (and having to hit the CLOSE X that somehow “mystically” opens the sponsor’s web page).

App pretend to analyze your photo while an ad plays, then another ad for each of the 4 options. At least you can just go to another ap while you wait though. Overall the enchantment to non-human images isn’t too bad. Don’t know for humans, didn’t try because I didn’t want to wait through the ads.

Your app is perfect, the results are concise, and don’t just focus on faces. That is a problem I see in many other apps like this, they “enhance” nothing beyond faces, but this one gets the job done.

The apps works very well and it really enhanced my images! One problem is that with the new update I can only have 1 free enhance and not 4-5 like before.

I have to admit this mobile app performs better than some PC software.I always use it to put the finishing touch on my digital collage art.Thank you!

Per the privacy policy images aren’t stored past what’s necessary to upscale the image, and images aren’t reviewed by humans. App works good and results are solid! Ads aren’t too annoying either. Nice job y’all!

It purifies image at a great quality the thing is just it takes too much time to enhance an image and needs a high speed internet. If it enhances the image at low internet for very short time then it’s the best app to enhance any image.

Amazing. It’s Just like those Hollywood movies where they zoom in and magically “enhance” a frame. Great job! It’s perfect for pairing it with other AI apps that limit the quality of the pictures you generate.

excellent without watermark and with excellent results I don’t care about the ads the truth is incredible

Nice tryout . But your dev. Must give us some time to actually try the app before asking about my ratting cause I didn’t got chance to see the first Image enhancement.

It really does it’s work but, it doesn’t leave the write ups or figures as it is. It usually looks different. Other than that, this app is lovely!

Another so-so app. First, it downscales the image – a lot. Second, it asks if I liked the app even though I wasn’t even able to evaluate the image enhancement – it just popped up above the slider immediately. It does enhance image in certain way, definitely better than some other apps, but far from really good quality. Paid version is available, however it doesn’t specify if it’s a lifetime payment or monthly (still, pretty affordable). If it improves, I’ll change the review.

This is a really great image enhancement app. Like similar apps like this, images can be spot on great, others you’re thinking, “what the heck?!?” What’s interesting is the failed images; you can get an idea how the system works, in that you see an entire construct going on via computer to reconstruct the images to look better. Surprisingly, unlike many other apps like this; it’s entirely free to use. There are no payments for service or having to go through ads. It can only be used online.

It’s a good type though, but this my first time of using, hope you keep a good record even if you will keep on updating app

I was very impressed with this app especially knowing that it’s free! I was a Remini paying customer for a couple of years but recently broke it off with them because of recently changed features and terrible results. I feel that ihancer has promise and a chance to be a excellent photo enhancer in the near future. Thank you.

Bumping my review up…this is now one of the best, pure, image clarification apps out there. It does a very good job of taking a blurry photo and making it, a little, better. It’s not going to blow your mind but it’s noticeably more clear. I now use it almost every time I create a new image. And It does it without using un-sharpen type effect that basically creates contrast around objects. It’s not Topaz level (PC app) But is the best android app 4 this that I’ve come across so far.

  • Thanks for the feedback, this feature has been added, please update the app to the new version

Has promise (and minimal ads) but needs full resolution output. The exported files seem very small and while they’re clean, some of the denoise is too agressive. I’m upscaling for more detail, not less. If you offered a paid app (please not a subscription) with full res output, even if it still had banner ads, it would be killer.

Ever since I found this app I don’t think of looking for other similar apps Coz this one works superb, I really thank the developers

Works great! Great image quality and very wasy to use.

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