Sengoku Legend Uprising – Become a legend in this time of turmoil and opportunity

[Game] Sengoku Legend Uprising

Sengoku Legend UprisingSengoku Legend: Uprising is the popular empire building strategy RPG with over 1 million downloads!

Recruit legendary warriors, court famous beauties, and become a legend in this time of turmoil and opportunity!

[Real History, Your Legend]

The time when generals marked their names in history and shook the world — the famous Sengoku period.

As the authority of the Ashikaga Shogunate waned, the Daimyos rose to prominence and fought for control of Japan.

To expand their territory, the Daimyos launched countless battles across the land. It was a time of turmoil where legends were made.

But this story is not about the ones in the history books.

This is YOUR story. This is your rise to power; your journey to unite Japan.

[An Empire Building Historical Strategy RPG]

Become a powerful Daimyo and fight alongside Japan’s greatest warriors to change the course of history.

Train your loyal retainers into mighty generals to lead your armies. Court and marry famous Sengoku beauties to expand your influence and lineage!

You can experience all the famous battles of the Sengoku period, manage your city’s affairs and expand your influence, and join Alliance wars to take part in epic clashes of power. There’s an endless amount of things to do!

Explore the innovative systems that promote comradery with other players, like arranging marriages for your heirs with heirs of other players and holding great banquets.

Vertical screen orientation so you can play with just one hand.
Recruit all the legendary warriors of Sengoku to your clan’s banner!
Strengthen your Retainers to lead your armies to victory.

Meet beauties in various places of interest and court them with gifts and displays of power.
Show affection to your lovers and be blessed with an heir. Raise them into worthy successors!
Arrange marriages for your heirs to establish important alliances!

Form alliances with other players and conquer together!
Battle players from other servers and climb to the top!

Sengoku Legend Uprising user reviews :

Big part of the game needs translation for global users the announcement bord is still in JP, the graphics is simple may need some improvements especially the combat mechanics, I’m still in the early stages of the game so i can’t really give a full feedback however i expect more updates in the future.

Can’t play install the small package it was supposed to be installed app, 99%, game blacks out on screen cannot play, do not waste your time. Developers can’t get this right then they shouldn’t be developing games.i use an android phone.

  • Dear player, sorry for the bad experience. If it is possible, could you provide your device info for us via Facebook or Discord? We really hope to solve the issue you mentioned. Have a nice day!

The finally have some English words in there but not complete all of it. Would give it a 5 star but game is still laggy atm. Seems that it’s just launch but everyone is getting on it. Once they fix this. I’ll give it a 5star

  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. We have already noticed the issue you mentioned and will fix that ASAP. Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day!

So laggy and the items keep missing and you keep need to re-login, now can’t log in at all when click login. It’s kick me out from the game. Please fix it My batch visit button also missing

  • Dear player, sorry for the bad experience. If it is possible, please share more details with us, including video record and your device info via Facebook or Disocrd. We are always willing to help you at any time. Have a nice day!

The game is really gud, In my opinion I think only the translation is bad, pls improve English translation I was having a hard time with novice task since I can’t read the letters.

  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. We have already noticed the issue you mentioned, the team will continue to improve the game. Any suggestions please feel free to contact us via Facebook or Discord. Have a nice day!

As a huge fan of nobunaga’s ambition this game is definitely awesome! Definitely a good one to hold me over to the new one comes out in a year so.

  • Dear player, thanks for your suggestion. We will continue to improve the game, please stay tuned!

Game is even starting most of the time. And UI can be better… Pls work on that

  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. If it is possible, please share more details about the issue you mentioned via Facebook or Discord. We will continue to improve the game, please stay tuned!

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