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[Game] Hamster Bag Factory – Tycoon

Hamster Bag FactoryTote bag, shoulder bag, clutch bag, backpack…

There is numerous bag in the world that I want to have.

So, Are you ready to make a bag with cute hamsters?
Ta-da! Let us introduce our new brand game, Hamster Idle Tycoon!
Get the unique chance to make luxury bags with our cutie-pie hamsters.

Hamsters are bustle in a vast and beautiful bag factory!
One little.. Two little.. oh! a horde of hamsters are already getting work in the early morning.
Shall we help out those hamsters?

Let’s see.. what are the essential things we need to prepare to make luxury bags? It’s luxury fabrics!
Please deliver luxury fabrics to hamsters to make luxury bags.

Afterward, to make a good luxury bag, please click the hamsters to start the work.
Remember! expand your factory to make more high-quality luxury bags.

The luxury bag has been made! How beautiful it is.
Sell your luxury bag and get the Ham Coins!
Let’s move on to the next stage to meet other luxury bags!

Your well-made luxury bag on each stage will fill in your bag showcase!
Hurry up! More than 40 cute hamsters and a beautiful bag factory are waiting for you~♡

Hamster Factory Tycoon Tip!
Make a high-quality, elegant luxury bag to sell at a higher price.
Oh no, there is no time to see our cute hamsters! Don’t worry. Our imposing hamster managers will help you out.
Try to collect adorable and charming hamster managers!

Be crazy for Hamster and Luxury bag combinations!
Get healing by playing Hamster Factory Tycoon.

You can play Hamster Factory Tycoon for free,
advertisement and in-app purchases are included to provide additional benefits.

Terms of Service : common.mafserver.com/terms/en
Contact us and report bug : support[at]mafgames-casual.zendesk.com

Hamster Bag Factory user reviews :

The overall design and aesthetic is very appealing. However, there’s no denying that it relies heavily on in-app purchases to progress, specially during events, and the game screen is full of purchase prompts to the point that even during gameplay you’ll end up clicking them. It clutters the screen and it’s annoying. Sadly a permanent feature in these games.

  • Hello, CEO! Thank you for using our hamster bag factory. You seem to have some regrets and inconveniences about our factory operation. I will forward the part you told me to the development team so that it can be referred to in the factory operation. Thank you again for your positive feedback for better factory operation. Have a nice day

Love the cute arts and aesthetic but the front page is really messy. There’s too much stuff going on such as the promotions, rewards, and the lvl upgrades. Besides that, in different stages with different card machine location. Also, it relies heavily on ads or in app purchase to acquire the cards to be able to let the hamster to work automatically.

  • Hello, CEO! Thank you so much for giving us a lot of opinions on Hamster Bag Factory. We will share your precious ideas with our department team to improve our game. We will work hard to become a better Hamster Bag Factory. Thank you.

super fun and cute, i play this in my free time. very relaxing, the characters are really cute! i reccomend this to people who love hamsters! no complaints, not many ads too! (well, for me.) I will add, it’s not a problem for me with the ads that are maybe 30 seconds long, I will be paitent and wait for it, it’s that simple! Simply just waiting for it to end won’t hurt right? And if the developers could, please decrease the ‘no ads’ price to maybe $12 dollars or so? I will change it to 5 stars!

The game is good for an idle/tycoon game, but has a couple issues. Ads won’t load or will crash the game mid-way through, and on rare occasions they’ll play fully and give the reward. There’s also an issue where some goals are difficult if you upgrade too early, such as the event roulette being spun 30 times but this takes a long time unless you upgrade and doing so removes automation.

It’s really good considering that it just released. I’ve been playing games from this developer for a little while now, and with each release its more polished, more refined, and just a better experience with each one. Ads almost always come with rewards, and are minimal. There have been some translation errors in the past but there are almost none now. All in all, a good game. I’ve enjoyed watching this company grown and learn. I hope to see more

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