Serania – Set in a medieval fantasy world

[Game] Serania – Path of the Scion

Serania  Escape the Blackblades and search for answers about your mysterious past in this new RPG text-based adventure, set in a medieval fantasy world.

You can play the first 1/5 of the game for free. If the game is for you, you can buy access to the full story.


An engaging fantasy story, where you choose what to do
Text-based RPG with illustrations and choices
Freely explore the world of the story
Meet and interact with other characters
Go on missions, improve your skills, and fight deadly battles
Manage your inventory, use items, buy, sell or use in combat
Follow the clues and find out the truth about your ancestry!
Accessible: Full support for screen readers, playable by blind or visually impaired users.


“… a stunningly well-written and enthralling text adventure.”
– GameBookNews

“Serania: Path of the Scion is a Must Play if You Like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books”
– GameSpew

“Serania – Path of the Scion excels as an engaging narrative experience that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, with a streamlined interface that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the game naturally.”
– IndieHive


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Serania user reviews :

Cool idea, but rather basic and linear in terms of the story arc. Even tho it’s set up like a cyoa game, there’s usually only one viable path that you can take. Hopefully you can expand on this idea and add some complexity and variation to the game or to a sequel. I definitely feel like it’s not worth the money I spent because there are other games that are much longer and more complex that you can download for free.
  • FableTree Productions
  • Hi, thanks for reviewing. I’m glad your like the overall game concept, and sorry to hear that the complexity/variation did not live up to your expectations. This is an area that is getting a lot of focus in continued work on this game and the sequel. Not sure how to sustain a business, providing all this for free, though.
This is pretty much a classic text based story where you’re the chosen one in a fantasy land. It’s fun enough albeit generic, and you only have access to what feels like the tutorial before you have to buy the rest. edit to reply: the point is that i wasn’t impressed, it’s a generic and short chosen one fantasy.
  • FableTree Productions
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback I’m glad you find the game fun to play, also I’m listening to your feedback and hope to be able to impress you more in future releases  Best regards, / Peter, FableTree Productions
Sadly the “…” button is exactly behind the return, home and tab buttons of my huawei pro20 so I couldn’t play the game. I gave it 3 stars because I think, I would have enjoyed this game…
  • FableTree Productions
  • Hi, thanks for reviewing and bringing this up. Sorry about the issue with the choice being blocked by the navigation bar. I has been fixed in the latest update (version 1.1.19), ensure to update and you should be able to play the game Let me know on if you have any further trouble.
I bought the game and i think the story is pretty decent. It also feels short, the world building is not vast enough because there is only 1 city and also paralysis magic seems so overpowered in 1v1 i defeated king juri without taking any damage. Overall pretty good concept combining text based rpg cyoa type game and an open world taste.
  • FableTree Productions
  • Hi, thanks for reviewing, I’m glad you liked the game Your comments are duly noted. There is some dice rolling going on behind the scenes that might sometimes be in your favor. In other words, I suspect your were very lucky on your quest Looking into if this balancing can be improved further. Best regards, / Peter, Fabletree Productions
This is a excellent choose your own adventure RPG that makes you feel like your choices matter and that you’re playing in a real free open world. The story is great and NPCs seen real. A few things that could be improved would be combat and navigation. Combat is a little confusing and frustrating as there differences between strength and agility aren’t explained and you don’t know how much of a difference stat wise the different attacks and weapons make. Navigation is frustrating and repetitive.
  • FableTree Productions
  • Hi, thanks for your review, I’m glad you like the game :-) It is great to hear your opinions and I’m taking your constructive feedback into consideration for further improvement of the game and/or new titles. Best regards, / Peter.

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