Shootero – Enter the space battle

[Game] Shootero – Space Shooting Attack

Shootero  Shooter Heroes, here comes the perfect combo of shoot ‘em up and rogue-lite game-play!

Let’s enter the space battle to pursue your biggest dream – to conquer the galaxy!

If you are a big fan of arcade shooting game like galaga shooter with the new modern combat, and want to try new galaxy games, so Shootero is a perfect game for you. With classic free space games genre designed in a new concept of infamous archer games lately, Shootero puts you on fire with infinity rogue lite space shooting.

Game Features
Win crazy air combats against brutal galaga enemies and traps of distinct movement patterns and attack modes in this shooter game. Your screen will become your battlefield; intense missiles, lasers, bullets will be covering it all over.

Build your strategy
Choose your favorite bullet pattern and build it up during your play time. More than 50 different skills to add to your spaceship empowers you to customize your strategic battle

Infinite Repeatability
Tons of x-factors will make their impact in the aerial battles, thus making every run of your game unique. You can rapidly challenge the levels over and over again while experimenting for the best combinations of skills to advance in your space adventure!

Shootero user reviews :

Super fun game! This game does ads right, as well. You only see them if you choose to (spin wheel, loot box, etc). Graphics are clean and colors are vibrant. It does take a lot to get stronger though. They also have a daily log i. Reward system that stopped at 30 days but pops up every time you log in. Lol its like they didn’t expect anyone to still be playing past that point.

I have been loving this game but had to rate 1 star to garner attention from the Devs: I’m om Level 6 or 7 (the first with 25 waves after Lv5) and my game has soft locked(?) twice now, where the wave should be done but the ship just keeps firing at nothing ad nauseum. Presently stuck on Wave 23/25, if I quit I lose all money and items I got. Oy.

Zone 7 is terrible, blue bosses explosions stay there after animation ends, I think some kind of collision bug. And final bosses hit box doesn’t work either. Plus: I dont want to use drones and I dont like them but I force to use them. They dont do much dmg only sometimes protect me from lesser attacks. You should put healing and dmg buff drones. In this case they will be more useful. Plus 2: you have to add boss attack discriptions, and tactics as well. Plus 3: add player disable roll optio

Still no in-depth stats on ship’s such as attack speed. Randomized fusing is fair. Reroll very good. My biggest problem is that shotgun and maybe splitter are severely underpowered compared to gatling and double. Sky Reaper is ok now, I think it got a better fire rate. Penetration still doesn’t apply to bosses. Regeneration is now broken. It feels like it heals every 3 seconds even though it says every second.

You guys always make decent *.ero games. Great upgrading system and classic aesthetic. In addition you are an example to all other developers of how to include ads in game in responsible way. If I could work for a games company, it would be this one. Always fun, always well balanced.

Engrossing and addictive game. but sometimes in higher levels, the map gets too much chaotic e.g you must fight boss, UFOs, lasers, space objects, etc at the same time. Weekly challenges are so difficult that for a person who plays 30 mins per day it’s not possible to pass them and get the elite chest. i love Shootero anyway and i hope it would be better in next updates

Bosses that spawn enemies make one of the best ships in the game redundant, the tracker has no target priority, making it painfully hard to even touch the actual boss. In what world would you target the infinite supply of comets, or the army of chargers that exist for you to dodge them just for your tracking bullets to target them?

Best space shooting game. At last I found a best shooting game after long time of searching. This game having high quality graphic design and game play. It makes more addictive for daily play. Thanks to developers for making such a nice game.

The game is really amazing with bright and colorful graphics! But it would be Really helpful if you removed the bugs on zone 7 where the fire in the 2 orange ship bosses has unlimited range and the mines in the blue boss lasts even after its explosion

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