Crash Cars – Do you have a desire for speed

[Game] Crash Cars – A Physics Smashing Demolition Derby

Crash Cars  Buckle your seatbelts and rev your engine… then crash into total DESTRUCTION!

Do you have a desire for speed? Would your friends call you a grease monkey? Do you love racing street cars, classic cars, and derby cars? This is better than your weekend morning “Cars and Coffee” meetup – this is the ultimate physics epic crash your car game for you!

Adjust your ramp height, put the pedal to the metal and CRASH into a beautiful landscape of old clunkers.

Crash Cars – Driven to Destruction is an awesome car-crash physics simulator where you can pick from tons of awesome vehicles to crash. Each level presents a new arena with a new stack of cars to crash into. Adjust your ramp height and speed to crash into the cars and destroy the whole stack!! Unlock and choose from tons of awesome cars. Master the demolition! There are lots of sick cars that will be loved by all gear heads. Drive an ice cream truck, and ambulance, or a classic race car! Wheels up in this crash wheels game!

So.. are you ready to destress and go smashy smashy with some epic vehicle destruction?! This is not just a demolition derby, this is a destruction derby!!

Crash Cars Driven to Destruction Top Features

Crash cars to earn points!
Fun crash up physics!
Complete Daily Challenges!
Earn coins and upgrade your arena!
Pick your favorite car!
Keep track of your stat records!
Crash car games offline

If you love crashing cars, if you love crashing games, then you’ll go wild for our crash simulator!

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Crash Cars user reviews :

Hi again the hidden cars are not in the levels ie: the checkered cab thanks As much as I like playing this game ( I am addicted to it lol)I’m very pissed off with level 100 I’ve completed ir 3 times but it won’t give stars or allow you to double your points,add to that the experience bar is not filling up. Another problem with level 100 is if you hit next before the cars stop exploding ( you can in AL other 99) it freezes and you can’t double your points. Thanks
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Hi Enzo wow nice work completing level 100! Thanks for letting us know about that bug, we will give it a look. The cars that are not available in the red levels need to be purchased with notes. Keep on crashing those cars!
LOL – Angry birds meets demolition derby! If you like CARnage, this is for you! Actually it has some interesting depth given the deceptively simple controls. Interesting puzzles, lots of cars and options, along with destruction, explosions and tire fires of course. Worth a look if you like mayhem.
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thank you for playing our smashy Crash Cars game! Keep on smashing those cars into total destruction, you will be a master at demolition!
This is an easy fun game to pass the time, if your waiting. Download it and walk through the tutorial . Have fun and crash your way to the top. lol
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thank you for playing Crash Cars! Keep on collecting those beautiful classic cars and smashing them to little bits! How can we get you to 5 stars? More explosions??
Not enough crash for me !! When a real car hits a stacked pile of cars the crash in real life is no where as lame as when l crashed the hummer into a stacked pile of cars . i was not impressed or depressed i was just Pressed I HAVE ONLY ONE CREATOR AND HE DONT WORK FOR GOOGLE YOUR NOT STRIVING FOR REALISM WELL YOU ACCOMPLISHED THAT . I GAVE YOU ANOTHER STAR FOR HONESTY.
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thanks for giving our Crash Cars game a try Mark! Did you try filling your hummer with nitrous and exploding it with some TNT? That will get you an exciting crash! But yeah we weren’t really shooting for realism here!
Really reminds me of an old flash game I used to play. I can’t remember the name of it but I’m glad someone recreated it and I can experience something similar to it again!
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thanks so much for playing Crash Cars! That is the exact vibe we were going for here, bringing the flash games hey day to mobile. The same developer made Crash Cars that made “Destroy All Cars” in the flash days
unique game good time killer although a lot of commercials but it’s fun
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thank you for playing our smashy Crash Cars game! Keep on smashing those cars into total destruction, you will be a master at demolition! BTW any purchase at all in the shop, even $1.99 will remove the forced ads permanently!
fun to play with the advertising and how I didn’t know that I am wanting to understand who’s making the money for me watching and how you can decide on your own
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thank you for the great review of Crash Cars! Hope you smash all the cars in our physics based demolition derby game!
this game is great. when I grow up I think I’m going to take up this is my career
  • FGL Indie Showcase
  • Thanks for the great review Tab! Hope you do make games in your future!

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