Shooting Ball – Real physics and realistic 3D effect

[Game] Shooting Ball

Shooting Ball  Shooting Ball is a relaxing billiard game with real physics and realistic 3D effect.

Through the game, you can also collect more different good looking billiard cues.

In ShootingBall You can play different levels of games from simple to complex,because we have more than 1000 levels in game.

Come play ShootingBall soon!

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Shooting Ball user reviews :

I love this game, a lot of people are complaining about the ads but they’re really not that intrusive but I’ve found that if I just turn my WiFi /Data off I can play ad free anyway! I love that you’re not sitting around waiting for lives to refill or being constantly bombarded with in app purchases. I’m completely addicted! 5 very well deserved stars

It’s a fun game I like for stress relief. My second most played game, lately. There are helps that show what direction your object ball will head but it’s still challenging. One problem, there’s an ad panel at the bottom of the screen directly under the panel you use to aim your shot. I couldn’t help but touch that thing once in a while but after two years practice I’m much less likely to now. I’ve been searching for a pool game that you can play at table level. No luck yet. C.M. 2022

I love this game, it has the best controls and most realistic play of any pool game I’ve tried, BUT if you want to make this game great here is his how you do it. First, get rid of the crazy shaped tables, start the game with a rack of balls to break, get rid of the stupid hand that takes away a ball (I want to be challenged!) and last, but not least, make it so we can save progress when we get a new device!!

The game is cool and awesome but I left out the one star coz of the fake ad that was showing that you can 4d view the game when you acctuarry can’t

It’s a really fun game. Only reason for 3 star is the ads. After ever game you play there is an add. I understand this is how this is how the developer makes money on the game. But the amount of ads is just ridiculous.

Love the game not all the ads and like the challenge of the different tables.

I’m giving this game 2 star because although it is my favorite game..i was on level 200+ and accidentally deleted the game while trying to uninstall another one that i didn’t like..there’s no way to get back to the level i was on so I’ve lost all my cues and everything! This really sucks!! Now I’m only on level 3 .. it makes me wanna just say forget it & uninstall the game for good now.

This is my relaxing game…. Im currently on level 280 something and i just made a purchase of a special que because they didnt hound me. Its a solo game with some wtheck looking tables but they are a fun little challenge. The ads are not too bad imo and i havent had any table, cue or ball issues. The balls have been going where i have aimed. The music is calming so this is what i will play before bed.

Great addictive game. Lots of ads but you have to expect that with free games. I’m at level 2353 now just wondering if anybody can tell me how many levels there are . Anybody complaining about the ads clearly aren’t old enough to remember sitting through commercials on TV shows.

I absolutely love the game. It’s fun and challenging. The only thing that would make this a tad better if I were able to share my progress. Otherwise it’s a great game

Lose the graphics which show where the ball will go (both of them) kills the point of the entire game… At least make it possible to turn them off. It’s not really a fun game if you can see in advance how the psychics will work because it kills the surprise and does not motivate the player.

I gave it to level 10, but the forced ads between every game really detract from the game. It’s reasonably fun, but there’s better revenue models than forcing ads on users at the rate they do. They want to see the dollars roll in really fast, and for that they lost 3 full stars, and a user.

The visual aid that shows where the object ball is heading should be option that can be turned on and off via settings.

Reminds me of playing on the regular tables. Cue control is great you can really get a good feel when you slide it back how hard it is going to shoot. That is the problem with a lot of pool games you don’t get that feeling, this one you will! I enjoy it also cos it is relaxing, even the trick shots they line up with the direction showing you how the ball will travels helps too. GREAT GAME glad I down loaded it!

So fun. Guys the ads are literally 5 seconds. No lies. No problem with that. I would pay a buck or 2 to have them removed but I still like this. I bought a stick.. so cool. Plus it’s cheap n I have no problem putting in some coin for a really addictive fun game. The Devs deserve it I feel. Give it try. I love the tables n I love the UGH that goes with it. That means it does get challenging. So badass. Take my word n download…You can always uninstall BUT you wont. Stop reading and install!!

Is fun and challenging. But one complaint is that the controls are often wacky, when trying to line up a shot, the game will randomly pull the cue back and take a shot, causing you to miss. The app developers need to change it so that the cue can ONLY be pulled back in the cue area of the screen.

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