Super Hit Baseball – Compete in the major leagues

[Game] Super Hit Baseball

Super Hit Baseball  Go for the SUPER HIT & Compete for the Championship!

Fun Free online multiplayer PVP Baseball games


COLLECT and upgrade 80+ UNIQUE superstar baseball players
Simple TAP and HIT arcade gameplay mechanics
Match up ONLINE and clash against Friends and real players from around the world!
Join a Club with other players and climb the leaderboards!
Win trophies and unlock unique world class baseball sports stadiums
Compete in the major leagues and climb the leaderboards
Easy one tap and flick hitting controls that everyone can play
Quick fire games allowing you to play baseball anytime
Pinball style casual arcade sports baseball game
Hit a homerun or R.B.I. and go for the Big Win
2 innings instead of 9


HOME RUN DERBY – Become a Super star hero!
ELIMINATOR – Win against a ladder of boss opponents
1V1 multiplayer online battles
Need some help? Try BATTING PRACTICE to hit Home runs

Tired of the MLB, being a baseball boy, playing only a home run derby , needing to flick, playing 9 innings instead of 2, needing the perfect inning , becoming a baseball star , or playing real 3D baseball games? Clash with others by tapping with fury in this free quick hit baseball app.

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Super Hit Baseball user reviews :

The game was good. Since the latest update, the settings have been tweaked to majorly favour the ‘bots’ making it very difficult to play. Losing interest. See ya.

This game got it right. Way to go, people. Although the games UI can use a huge update as well as the way club members interact with each other. Super buggy. Also having a few game modes that are always playable, such as Homerun Derby and the Pennant. Because just replaying 1v1 over and over again makes the game stale. But the game itself is great.

Revision #6: Took 9 month hiatus from the game. Glad to see the play level is now challenging but fair. I like the added Gear cards and Legendary players. Still believe you should have the option of trading 300 Rookie cards for 5 Pro, 3 All-Star or 1 Legendary. Or at least have the option to choose which player receives the 1 Pro card. Game is much better. Rating increased from 2☆ to 4☆.
  • Habby
  • We will submit your feedback about difficulty change to our dev team. They may consider about your feedback and make some changes in the future updates. Thanks for your support.
Think twice before downloading. Earlier this year I had this as a 5 star; however, in Spring ’21, the developers changed it to where every opponent has maxed out pitchers for every level if you have any maxed out as well. This is fine in the lower-level fields (1-3); however, you simply can’t compete, little alone win, when you have a Legendary pitcher at 4 level versus All-Star or Legendary pitchers which are 9-10 in levels 4-11. Stay away…
  • Habby
  • Can you please let us know your level, stadium and your support code? We will submit your feedback to the dev team to check. The team is still adjusting the game. Thanks for your support.

Was one of my favorite games on the app got a new phone and am using the same google and email and it didn’t give me none of my saved data and made me start all over from the beginning uninstalled it and will not reinstall at all because it does not let u keep ur saved data and the game ain’t fun enough to restart all ur progress I’ve used my own money to buy stuff and everything for this game and got completely took advantage of me and took everything from me

LOVE this game! Thank you to the developers for all of the hard work. It’s a great time-killer and I play daily. I have; however, a few criticisms: It would be nice to be able to set your own lineups. Somebody must have found a “cheat”, because I played a REAL player, with only 3500 skill points with a lineup of SIX $50 positions, the other 3 were all over $30. His team cost would’ve been over $400. With someone who has less points than I, how does he manage that high of a salary cap?!?

Great game if they gave you what you earn but they don’t. For example….you have to wait 3h for a silver pack and 6h for a gold pack. I dread earning gold packs cause you have to wait the 6h and then they just give you a silver pack anyway. Ultimately you only get half of what you actually earn and they do this repeatedly and shamelessly. Don’t waste you money cause they will probably just steal back what you buy anyway.

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