Shroom Guard – Rise to your role as a heroic colossus

[Game] Shroom Guard – Mushroom Kingdom

Shroom GuardStep into the bewitching universe of Shroom Guard, where the serene Mushroom Kingdom teeters on the brink of turmoil due to the sudden intrusion of formidable heroes! Rise to your role as a heroic colossus, bestowed with the duty of safeguarding the tranquility of this mystical realm.

Cultivate unity within your kingdom by fusing your extraordinary monsters! Construct an indomitable lineup that mirrors your strategic prowess. Stand firm, fortify your fort, and wipe out any interloper audacious enough to threaten your sanctuary!

Game Features:

Engrossing Merge Mechanics
Merge your monsters into mighty guardians of the Mushroom Kingdom. Witness their transformation into unstoppable soldiers, fostering an enthralling journey of growth and power.

Action-Packed Tower Defense TD Gameplay
Experience a dynamic blend of strategy and action in our thrilling Tower Defense TD game. Employ your wits and strength to defend your fort from relentless assailants.

Roguelike Skill Progression
Embark on your journey with the roguelike skill system, making each gameplay distinct and challenging as you adapt and overcome an ever-evolving array of hurdles.

Immersive Casual Tower Defense TD Experience
Immerse yourself in a relaxed gaming ambiance that also delivers an intriguing layer of strategic depth. Shroom Guard provides an easy-to-learn, yet gripping Tower Defense TD gameplay that keeps you engaged for hours.

Deep Strategy in Tower Defense TD Gameplay
Underneath simple mechanics lies a wealth of strategic depth, with a vast array of combinations and tactics to explore in this Tower Defense TD game. Fortify your monsters and tweak your strategies to reign supreme as the Shroom Guard!

So, are you ready to ascend as the protector of the Mushroom Kingdom? Your position as the Shroom Guard eagerly awaits your command!

Shroom Guard user reviews :

I did buy the full no ads deal. If you’ve got 15 bucks, it’s great. You have to think a bit to win, and there are two minigames in it. It seems to be fairly new, so I’m giving it some grace on the scaling issues. It’s very grind heavy right now, maybe to encourage purchases, but even in places like hope town where you can’t pay to advance, it’s still got balance issues. Also wish there were more mid-tier characters that synergized well. Also, seconding the audio issue. It pauses my podcasts!

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Really like the idea of this game, yet like so many others, the ads are insanely annoying. I’m all for games that let you choose if you want to watch an ad and get rewards in the game, yet forced ads within a level, or even between levels is obnoxious and predatory. Yes, predatory. Because it isn’t just y’all making money off our attention during the ad, you’re also selling our data. Thanks.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

The rewards for the game are rather garbage, it’s a struggle to keep up with upgrades even when you sit and play constantly. The levels last just long enough that the rewards it gives you are just not motivating or really “rewarding”. The game is fun but definitely needs a major update to the rewards system, free rewards, not the stuff that you pay 7.99 for or something. There should be a way to progress without having to pay anything, payment should be for boosting an already balanced system.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

Good game. It’s fun and unique. UPDATE: I do have to dock a star due to one enormous flaw that has come up – I can’t play this game while listening to audio on my phone. The game auto-pauses anything I’m listening to when I open it. I often play mobile games while listening to podcasts, etc. So this is disappointing. However, I do still enjoy the game and I appreciate the two different ad-removal options.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

It’s fun, but there are entirely too many ads. Ads in the middle of levels, ads after the level.. Ads to finish a level. Yes, if you want to get your NON-BONUS reward after a level, you have to sit through an ad for it. Are optional ads, which were worthwhile, not enough for you greedy aholes? Irony, the armies you fight are called greedy, must be a self-reflection to the publisher/devs representing an army of ads in this game.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

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