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SimplifyExperience the new WiFi with Simplify. Buy and sell your mobile data easily.

Forget about getting a travel SIM card or expensive data roaming charges, discover and connect to Simplify WiFi automatically on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Having too much unused mobile data and unlimited broadband? Now, you can sell on Simplify. Turn your hotspot into a Simplify WiFi and get paid when others connect to you.

Worry about expensive Internet roaming charges while you travel? Connect to anyone who has Simplify WiFi and pay at a fixed local rate. Simplify brings affordable Internet throughout your journey.


For travelers:
Pay-as-you-Go – Data is like electricity, you only pay for what you have used.
Local Flat Rate – Affordable Internet available in local currency at a fixed data rate.
Auto Discovery – Get instant notification when there is a Simplify WiFi nearby.
ZeroTouch – Connect automatically to a nearby Simplify WiFi without needing a touch.
Data Meter – Track your data usage and spendings at real-time.
Encryption – Worry-free communication with WiFi standards-compliant data encryption.

For WiFi hosts:
Quick Set Up – Turn your personal hotspot into Simplify WiFi in seconds.
Active Notification – Get instant notification when others connect to you.
Data Meter – Track total data sold and earnings at real-time.
Data Limit – Set data sharing limit to avoid overuse.
Daily Payout – Collect daily payout on your digital wallet e.g. PayPal.
Security – Secure communication channel with WiFi standards-compliant authentication and encryption.

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Simplify user reviews :

I always have extra data especially when it comes to end of the month which I think it is a waste.. This app is great as it allows me to sell my extra data to my friends especially to tourists who have trouble in getting connection…

With more than 1GB you earn $0.49. No withdrawal option but only payment. Looks scamy. Even after one exaust their data, can still have access to shared internet. App is useless. You will lose your money using this App. No offense good idea but badly implemented.

I really was hoping to find something more “simple” then Althea, OpenGarden, Gotcha or similar Solution, but this System dosent work from the Concept up. There is nothing that makes it worth paying a 20-30% Fee, the App is just an public HotSpot List with PayPal Integration (which is in my Sight the most valuable Feature). The Company hasent really done anything beside this simple App. The Concept that you pay for what you use is only monitored by the Client, this means that only IOS should be a secure Platform, you can just end the App after you connected to an HotSpot on Android which makes the Concept obsolete.

Although the developer got good idea for this but how the hack i know how to use it, for many time still cant sell to a person wasting my time. And dont have a good tutioral for people to learn. They are some point i want to list out . 1)this app is full of bug, when i turn the hotspot it keep bothering for ask me to open wifi and location,even thought i turn it on alrd 2)only can use paypal 3)very hard to use 4)people alrd connect and use it but still didnt calculate the usage.

  • Dear Daniel, Thanks for using Simplify. We noted on your valuable feedback. For information about Simplify, you may refer to our Help Center Regarding payment, users will be billed separately by PayPal even if they did not link their credit cards to the account. Protecting seller’s interest is our priority. Simplify

Hi team, the concept is good. But I think you guy may consider to add in ‘contact us’ section for user to live chat with the team when they face issue. As my own experince, I had tried to set up for selling my data, but I don’t have option to set my selling price.

  • Dear Sheifer, we love hearing excellent suggestions from our community like you and we will definitely looking forward to incorporate your ideas into Simplify. You may reach us instantly via Facebook Messenger or on our website at Congratulations for becoming a little Internet Service Provider now!

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