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SimplifySimplify | Smart Wi-Fi Manager. Redefine the way we connect.

Simplify revolutionizes the way we connect to Internet by automatically discover, select and connect to the best network. Built-in with Zero Touch and Eco Surf technologies, Simplify is the most advanced mobile connectivity companion designed to be eco-friendly while ultimately providing best mobile internet experience on smartphones and tablets.

Zero Touch
Simplify remembers your favorite Wi-Fi connections used at your usual hangout spots including your home, workplace, café or campus, and connects you automatically when you are right there, giving you a totally handsfree experience without needing a touch.

Eco Surf
Simplify eliminates unnecessarily network scan and connect it right at first attempt. With lesser time spent on device screen searching for good network, Simplify helps saving more battery power and thus requires less charging. So you can help save the environment by connecting more efficiently.

Drag to Connect
With Simplify, you may easily drag any available network to connect regardless of mobile data or Wi-Fi. No more switching back and forth between mobile data and Wi-Fi. It all happens at a single place.

Share with Android Beam
When you wish to share your Wi-Fi settings across, instead of reading or writing your password out, tap your phone using NFC to securely transmit it over to your friends. This signifies a new gesture of connectivity.

Email Sharing and Backup
Sharing of Wi-Fi settings made easy on your favorite messaging applications e.g. Email, Gmail or Skype. Back-up on cloud storage e.g. Google Drive and Dropbox.

Connection Mode
Tailoring based on your daily connectivity needs, Simplify lets you select different connection modes: Always-on, Wi-Fi only and Eco Surf (save battery).
You may also instantly switch off your Internet connection by switching to Offline. Simple and Fast.

Facebook Like
Now, you may like a network, check-in to a location and post it to your Facebook timeline at the same time using ‘Like’.

Simplify userr reviews:

Overall not a bad design. Easy to use and manages wifi points easy enough. It has a lot room to grow as well. =) There are a few areas that could be improved: 1) Batch upload to GDrive (or any sharing service). So far, you would need to save each one separately. Maybe an XML document structured to hold the setting information when saved (one file vs. multiple files). 2) Need more information on the difference between “Native” and “Personal.” “Native” == wifi spots setup from the wifi connection diaglog box. “Personal” == wifi spots setup instead of Simplify. 3) Need a way to migrate information between “Native” or “Personal”; maybe just use the list from the WiFi manager in Android so there are not two lists floating around. You can only migrate settings that are “Personal” to sharing locations. 4) Widget needs to be resizeable (or smaller somehow).

I really like the sleek and genius design of this app. It’s extremely easy to switch between my wi-fi and data network or disable both. VERY little user interaction for it to connect you to the write network. There are just a few issues that I have: 1. There is no option to power on/off Bluetooth (I thought this was standard on every power control app). 2. There is no option to remove notifications that are produced every time you’re within range of a wi-fi or data network. Other then that…I’m enjoying it. Would have given it 5 stars.


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