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SINAG FightingDive into the captivating world of SINAG, a mobile 1v1 fighting game that combines the allure of Philippine mythology with deep and engaging gameplay mechanics.

SINAG ensures that even newcomers can quickly grasp the basics of combat and start unleashing powerful attacks. However, as you step into the arena, you’ll discover a game that is both easy to start and play, yet challenging to master.

SINAG goes beyond delivering thrilling gameplay—it also offers a journey of cultural immersion. Immerse yourself in the vibrant visuals and meticulously crafted backgrounds that pay homage to the beauty and diversity of the Philippines. Experience the essence of Filipino culture as it intertwines with captivating supernatural encounters and explores the depths of myth and legend.

Sinag is developed in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Game Features
8 Playable Characters, each with their own unique moves and abilities.
8 Beautiful Background Stages to battle through.
Four-Button controls with directional input controller scheme.
A variety of game modes, including Story, Versus, and Training.
No Swipe, No Cooldown Dependent Moves
Touch and Controller support
Combo-heavy Gameplay Mechanics

To Use a Gamepad
Go to config -> controls -> press Assign Controller -> press a button in your gamepad

For comments / suggestions – let’s connect!
Twitter: @SinagFG


Co-Produced By:
Ranida Games
Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

Published by:
Ranida Games
Creator of PBA Basketball Slam and BAYANI Fighting Game

Special Thanks
Vita Fighters discord community
Ken Aoki of Monaural Studios

More info on the game’s credit screen

SINAG Fighting user reviews :

The graphics of the game is quite beautiful, I absolutely love it, and yet the game is still under development but already has a great graphics and great textures. However the starting point of the battle, just before it says “fight” you or the enemy can actually attack which makes it kind of hard for some other players that still hasn’t noticed that yet. Overall it’s really good. I hope that the future updates we can have a multiplayer mode, character costumization, Bluetooth controller etc.

The game is great and the visuals are decent but i dig it. I gotta give few suggestions, a save option would be great if it’s a story mode. Looks like the game doesn’t have a save functionality, whenever you wanna quit playing and we gotta start all over again. That’s a disappointment. Hope you will add that. Would be nice to see move upgrades n stuff. So far this game got a huge potential. (this game got controller support and it feels way better than touch)

It’s fun to play. The characters and places to fight on are all well thought off. The animation of movements are so smooth, it did surprise me, also tge animation of hair and clothes are amazing. I love the game and definitely worth giving a shot. Some of the guide in the tutorials can be improved but aside that, it’s a solid game. Congrats for the whole team on making this, I hope there will be more updates to the stories and more characters/stages in the future. Keep up the good work

Great game that needs more polish. Character animation is fluid enough and controls are useable. Could use more characters in the future as it can be a tad repetitive. Stage design needs a lot of work. Most are static backgrounds including the boracay stage. Although it does not matter much gameplay wise. Ads. The intrusive ones breaks the immersion of the game. I would gladly buy the ad-free version for the devs but please set it up in a way it a player can choose when to use the ad break.

Simple controls but with complex mechanics which is a good thing, but the performance of the game especially on certain stages can get a bit laggy. EDIT: After the update, the game feels so much better and optimized! The clunkiness that I felt in the first version was tied to the performance of the game and its gone now! Kudos to the devs that actually listens to feedback . The only missing now is a dedicated throw button as atm, it feels weird to press two buttons in a mobile control scheme.

  • We’ve just released a fix. Update your game and let us know if everything’s smooth now. Thank you also for your feedback. We’re still working on additional features and on improving the game further. Keep playing and hope to get better ratings from you.

I’m excited yet a fan, however, there are too many rooms for improvements: 1. the science of the game It is very challenging on an AI on an impossible level, but if you don’t mind, there are characters that has long reach into combat compared to the other characters. 2. Too many ads 3. 8 characters playable but other characters need to be purchased online? its fustrating. If you want this kind of level, you also need to keep up on the genre of the game.

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