Daily Bible Challenge – Enjoy a peaceful moment

[Game] Daily Bible Challenge

Daily Bible ChallengeAnswer Bible questions,collect forbidden fruit,finish daily challenge,enjoy a peaceful moment and listen to your heart,its our pleasure to have you in the world of Daily Bible Challenge!

Challenge yourself on how well you know the Bible. Feel free to play or pause the game at anytime. Stranger, may you find your true self in the Bible, and may your life be happy.

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Daily Bible Challenge user reviews :

Good idea of style of game, graphics good, collecting forbidden fruit seems a little suspect though and makes me feel ick, who wants to collect fruit that God forbid. Better would have been to have tree of life in earth renewed with golden fruit, think revelation. Huge amount of ads, but I came to rate because wrong answer to level 28, it rained hard for 40 days but the flood itself lasted over a year.

Love this Bible Challenge, but plssss ease up just a bit with all the ads!!! There’s líterally an ad after every 2, 3 questions!! Can you maybe limit it to…na ad after evey say..10 or 12 questions?? Its sooo annoying!! But the app is a vey nice concept wit all the features.

Very interesting game package but need for emotional patience and stable internet connectivity… for the numerous adverts to thrive…kudos to the developers…be blessed…

very educative, and it helps you know more about the bible.

Great game but the frequency of the adds are overwhelming. I know adds as it’s place but isn’t this too much?

It keeps me going in a delightful way ,a relaxing way!

Awesome game but to many ads

I’m loving it. It’s very fun and educational

by answering the questions you learn what you know and not know and that teach you more of the Bible.

good im enjoy it. and ilove god words. thank for this good game.im challenges in this game. keep it

great game that allow you to test your Bible Knowledge

i love god and we want to learn the book of bible

it is a great it keeps you in the spirit.

It was a great game.I gain a lot of knowledge on bible and also the quiz was fun

And suddenly there are no more question for me!!

I like the App but there is way too many Adds!

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