Ski Freestyle Mountain – All the tricks you can imagine

[Game] Ski Freestyle Mountain

Ski Freestyle Mountain

Whether you like skiing on rails and flyouts, or big ramps and half pipes, this game has it all, completely free!

Do, slides, flips, grabs, and all the other tricks you can imagine, and line them together for combo bonus like the pros!

Ride one of the 4 awesome premade mountain parks, or create your own custom park, with more than 15 different ramps, rails and funboxes, to choose from!

Customize your characters clothes and skis!

Earn skill points to level up your characters skills, like jump height, spin speed and more!

On average updated once or twice a month, with new clothing, skateparks, ramps, tricks, bug fixes etc.

The game is developed by independent developer EnJen Games. Follow EnJen Games on, to request new features, report bugs, or get the latest news about new EnJen Games or updates!

Ski Freestyle Mountain user reviews :

It was a great game. I highly recommend it. One way i would develop it would be by adding more maps

I like this game. It is fun and similar to the others. Overall, I like this game. Have a great day!

It was glitchy when you die while doing the daffy move too long

Love this game! Recommended for all especially if you are into x-games

it s a cool games for all

I’m not sure if this game suppose to be fun or not because the player that you control is very very stiff.. His hands doesn’t move.. He only move we he falls what that…. This is a very bad game.. (please try to fix it ).. And the graphics are very bad..

This game is awesome game it has unbelievable tricks

Would be even better if you could change your character and his skis but overall a brilliant fun game

I really like all of the freestyle but this is my favorite

It’s ok, I thought it be good practice for skiing, but ya no… it’s hard and I did free style and made a glitch and got points then it went away and froze my phone, but it was funny when the guy flips over, but there’s just something missing, so I wouldn’t get this, but do get a Wii game called we ski, it’s good practice!!!

I the best man make an other one I love it back flip front flit It the best

Make a no time version free no time just free time then ill give 5 stars

It’s fun and addictive! Lol you should definitely get it!

Better then Shredsauce I have to say! The only problem I found was that the skis that the rider uses are downhill/carving where the binding aren’t center mounted on the skis which aren’t used for park skiing which are really the style of the game, I would recommend for the developer to throw in twin tip skis with would be more fitting for the game, but really really fun game!

Hate that the character is glitchy in movement and that u cannot get good air…..

Best game ever. You should seriously check out his other games

It’s very good but try to give it better graphics also I have played every single one of your games

It’s a good game but you could add more maps but overall is a good game

This has to many adds on this game but this is cool

It wont download for me idk what it is anykne eles haveing the same problem

Hi EnJen games want you to make more of your amazing games but improve the graphics

Latest Update :

Bug fixes

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