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QuoraQuora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that’s personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world.

Ask a question and get helpful answers
Follow topics and browse quality content
Learn from credible people with first-hand knowledge
Answer questions and share your knowledge with the world

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Quora user reviews :

Your platform is a wonderful idea and so important. I’m having trouble with the app though, as in the fapt that I hate it. It’s so difficult to use… I can’t look up topics and get everything on them. I don’t know if there are any comments. Etc. You get the point. It needs a much better interface, it’s not very user friendly… And apparently one cannot use the website version on the phone because it forces you to use the app. Changing it to 1 star, hopefully an incentive…

This app feels like a website embedded in a tiny app. It is very unpolished. Whenever I am answering a question and let’s say I am attaching a picture to that answer, the entire typed area within the app vanishes. I have to save draft the answer and go on to edit the answer, again and again. The app does not provide reliable notifications. I recieve notifications of messages atleast 5 minutes later. There are some features needed like unsend DMs, GIFs in comments, sending videos in DMs, etc.

This Quora app has been slow and randomly buggy. It is surprising how much time it is taking them to fix this given the app has so little to do. But now it is reached heights. It simply refuses to work on my android phone. The site work fine on chrome. But the app just won’t load, reset permissions reinstalled nothing works. Edit: and now they are forced me to use the app can not use the website through the chrome either m there are lots of the problems with this app.

This apps programming needs a serious overhaul. I can’t hardly save a draft should I be interrupted when commenting or answering. Pictures constantly require me to close the draft and re open it. The interface is basic as hell, and doesn’t even allow for GIFs. Seriously, do better. And if anytime you’re interrupted doing anything, forget saving the draft despite having the option to. Want to edit your comment? Can’t do that and be interrupted or loose everything you’ve edited.

Not the problem of app but the users (not everyone). Can’t blame the developers (maybe can). Lots of false information from people. Showing only one perspective of what is happening. Watching a movie from middle can throw apart the story. Initially I tried to enlighten them but it is breathtaking. Indeed it’s not the eyes that are blind it’s the heart.

In just the last two weeks, the app now frequently and randomly shows an error message that I haven’t seen before: “Something is missing. The page you were looking for isn’t available. Back to Home” This happens regardless of the space or question I’m viewing, so it’s not subject-specific. At present, this has cut my Quora use in half. Please tell me this is a temporary Quora server problem and that you’re working on it.

I love Quora but sometimes you have to pay to follow certain pages or people. You can get money for your content you post. It’s fun to give answers on certain topics. And makings friends too. Only there’s a bad glitch for the part that pays you for your content. I’m able to sign up it’s just says page not found when I try to give them a way to pay me. I’ve tried it numerous times and it doesn’t work at all. That’s another reason for the 3 stars. Other than that it’s pretty fun.

the application is useful, I get various knowledge here. However, if you are given the option to change fonts or fonts that are suitable for Samsung devices, it will be much better because people’s eyes adjust to reading. Thank You

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with the app. To help us troubleshoot, please provide further details via our ‘Report a Bug’ form, located at:  goo.gl/9J7hwi

I love Quora. But I don’t know why I am not being able to use it. Like if I try to open the link of Quora on chrome it keeps telling me that- “your connection is not private” & no matter what I do I can’t reach it. I even uninstalled the app and again installed it but it still doesn’t work. If I try to use the app it keeps blocking me out. It keeps telling that- “something went wrong.” Please help me solve this issue. I really love using this app. It helps me to solve many problems.

I enjoy using Quora . They have a lot of different subjects of interest. And your able to ask or answer other people’s questions , based on your professional degree and experience. Most users ask questions related to a personal experience or problem . Or make a political statement promoting their favorite party or politician. I enjoy reading the questions and answers , it’s quite an educational experience. This is an enjoyable app and very addictive. It’s an app many people would enjoy.

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