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SliderSlider : Slide your way through 56 levels in this colorful and addictive puzzle adventure!

Slider is completely free to play, and always will be. There are no adds and future patches will include new mechanics and levels for no expense.

Slider features:
Easy to play, challenging to master
Simplistic yet vivid and beautiful color-scheme
Completely free, no micro-transactions, no adds and no fees.

Please let us know if you’re having troubles – We care about our users and want to give you the best possible experience with Slider.
Pop in your comment below, and we will answer.

Slider user reviews :

So addictive!!! Absolutely addicted to this game! Each level brings a new challenge and I love that there are both completion points and points for completing each level under the set number of moves. Trying to hit the bonus color tiles adds extra incentive and puts my mind in overdrive to get them all using the least amount of moves! Only improvement I might ask for is that the replay button worked? That doesn’t work on my phone so I’m forced to back out to the home screen but it’s so addicting it’s worth that extra step!

Awesome Game I love this game. Its challenging yet fun. Only been paying for a day and I’m already addicted.
  • CubeScene January 15, 2014
  • Thank you for taking the time to play and comment. Rest assured that our hearts are experiencing the warmth of your humble kindness.

The game concept is great but I’m deterred by the lack of sophistication in maneuvering through the menu selections. I was unable to find a sufficient description of what the primary object of the game was and tips on the best way to earn points would be appreciated (this could be accomplished in a tutorial level). If adjustments are made I would gladly give this 4 stars (perhaps even 5 depending on the extent of the aforementioned adjustments) – until then I can barely give it 3.

Addictive, but annoying. This game is fun and addicting. However, the music is annoying snd repetitive. Its also frustrating because if you mess up you cant undo your mistake. I dont know if its just me, but I have fpund no way to restart a level, I have to close and open the app..
  • CubeScene July 26, 2013
  • Hi Amy, thanks for rating! We are sorry to hear that your experience with Slider has not been the best, here are some tips to resolve your problems: – You can disable to music and sound in the ‘Options’ menu at the start. – Try dragging the button at the top-middle of the screen. Dragging right will restart. Dragging left will go back to the menu.

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