Slingshot Basketball – Impossible shots with a flick of a finger

[Game] Slingshot Basketball

Slingshot BasketballProve yourself in a new kind of challenge.

Try to score points shooting a basketball from a slingshot. Aim carefully and see if you can make it! Achieve amazing, impossible shots with a flick of a finger! Just try it and you will be hooked!

Are you ready to discover:
3 awesome worlds with 10 levels each – with more coming in future updates!
Cool skins to unlock and make your ball unique
Breathtaking special effects & other surprises

Earn in-game money for your amazing trickshots and use them to upgrade your ball and slingshot, allowing you to make even crazier shots! Use the environments to your advantage and achieve impossible results!

Are you ready to discover everything we’ve prepared for you and see basketball in a completely new light?

Slingshot Basketball user reviews :

There’s only 3 worlds & 10 levels per world. World 4 is currently “under construction”,so who knows how long that’ll take. Also there’s only 2 extra balls to unlock and unlockable baskets are also “under construction”. I bought no ads($2.99)since I was having fun with the game but had I known that it was gonna be a short run, I probably would’ve thought twice about it. It’s a fun,challenging and rewarding game nonetheless. 4/5!!

Would sure like the opportunity to play. Shoot ball.. Complete Level and have to watch an Ad. Complete level have to watch an ad. Sorry thought this game would be fun but its all about the vendor getting paid for ad playing… Another game not worth the install. I am sure there will be vendors who actually allow us to get into the game play and not ad watching.

The level of ads make the game unplayable. Especially when you take into account how poor the physics are. Seems like a game designed to make people watch as many ads as possible.

I’ll give it two stars for its creative concept but also because there’s too many ads and you can’t get pass the second part of level 1. Guys, make the game playable.

Honestly looked better in the ad. There’s too many ads in the game and it’s so slow to respond, not to mention that you don’t earn enough money to beat level 6. You are basically sat there forced to watch ads to pass it. Looks like a game made my a 5 year old

Well when you cant even learn how to play without ads…I mean the very first shot you get duel layer adds this developer and game = garbage… I can watch ads, I have no issue with that….not after every single shot NOPE

Can’t even get past the first screen without being forced to watch a 30 second ad. If you need to show ads every time I touch the screen, at least make them shorter. I’m not going to put up with this BS.

Really fun… but an ad after EVERY.SINGLE.SHOT is more than a bit extreme. They’re all at least 45 second ads, too. Wah

Lvl 3-5 is not a good shot. Have tried ever power lvl to shoot and nothing makes it. Fully upgraded on sling shot and ball.

Can’t seem to put it down, it’s a fun challenge to try and get it just right every time. Keeps me entertained for quite a while lol!

I’m giving this game 2 stars because its actually aa good game but way to many ads its like after every shot you have to watch a ad that takes all the fun out the game

Exactly what it says on the tin. The graphics are as advertised, as is the gameplay. So if this is your thing, you are at least not being sold baby’s first gamemaker game. Five stars for not lying through their teeth.

Relaxing. Set your own pace. Do the math to figure out the proper shot. Overall refreshing.

Its a great game but the ads is too many i hope they can fix it. But its a still great game!!!tooo

So you make one shot and then you have the wash and add don’t be so bad but too many ads already I’m thinking about deleting it

I love it!! and for those complaining about adds just use airplane mode problem solved.

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