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[Game] World Basketball King

World Basketball KingMost realistic physics provides you the best and most realistic ball shooting experience. Train yourself anywhere and anytime.

How to play
Touch a ball and swipe it towards the basket(hoop) to shoot the ball

Realistic 3D graphics
Realistic physics engine
Additive game play
3 types of ball upgrade options.
6 different environments (courts)
Multi-play supported
Achievement & leader board supported
16 languages supported
Tablet devices supported

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World Basketball King user reviews :

It’s definitely a great way to kill time. They start you out with 1,000 coins. But thats it. There’s no way to earn more coins that I have seen. They have challenge levels, but you can’t move on because you have to purchase the second challenge. But you have to anti up 500 of those 1,000 coins in the competitive rounds with another player, so if you lose that first round, you don’t have enough to move in in the challenges. It’s a very money grabbing driven game.

Just straight forward fun, simple concept and game play, great time filler.

The multiplayer doesn’t work. You are never actually playing another human. All the games you play are against the computer in multiplayer mode. Fix the multiplayer so we can play actual people like all of the other games in the playstore. If you did that, this would be a fun game and I’d give it 5 stars. Why can’t the developers in a highly advanced super-tech country like Korea, fix the multiplayer? Its mind boggling. We don’t want to play the computer when in multiplayer mode. Fix it please.

It’s a good game and I like it but the progress is really slow. You have to play forever to progress to the next level! 10,000 coins to level up and two coins per basket?! Even the rewards are hard to come by. Simple fact is I’m not going to spend any actual money on this and am likely to get bored soon

It is a fun game for a while until you realize how long it will take to unlock more challenges. All powerups are locked behind paywalls. The multiplayer versus is super pay to win. Every match is with the same dude with every powerup and thats if the game finds anyone playing this.

Out of all the I’ve played this is the most competitive, and still lots of fun (for sport-fanatics)

Games was fun for the first few days. With each win you get “tickets” and you use those tickets to unlock a total of 6 levels. You need diamonds to unlock more balls, a bigger basket and earn extra tickets. Unfortunately the only way to get diamonds is to watch ads. You dont need to unlock those options to win though. Game needs more levels and have an option to get diamonds without watching ads.

Pretty good game to play…. Keeps you very occupied and focused!!!!

Good game for time wasting but I have issues with how the basketballs are set up they roll off to the side of the screen making it hard to use them. Other then that it’s a decent game.

Like it, its a stress reliever for me. Though why its not accurate when i try to shoot it just didnt make it to hoops. But this game is awesome feels like in in an arcade

It wants too many privileges involving privacy. They don’t need to post things to my google+. Not installing it asks for too much. Many of these reviews are fake also. Someone gave it 4 stars and said they haven’t even played it yet but it’s Basketball so it must be good. Proceed with caution.

I like this game and there’s not much ads and really fun it’s just pretty hard. If you have anger issues I don’t suggest it bc every time I lose and I lose coins it gets me mad and it makes me want to throw my phone.But other then that its a good game.

I like this basketball game cause it reminds me of when I would play basketball games with my brother and our nabors before we all we moved and got married

Game overall is great but the time during the challenges after round 3 should be no less than at least 30 seconds. The amount of banks they require you to get is nearly not possible by round 5. Change this and I’ll redownload

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