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[Game] Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport

Slingshot StuntThis is it! This is what it all led to! All of the driving, jumping, car smashing, stunts and crazy shenanigans – this is where it all ends… Making a car your plane – at least for a little while!

Are you a brave enough stunt driver? A crazy enough stunt driver? A fearless enough stunt driver to SEND A CAR FLYING OFF A SLINGSHOT and be prepared for all the mayhem?

Are you the #1 extreme crash stuntman?

We bet you are!

Feel the rush in this awesome, one-of-a-kind driver arcade experience where you will be able to:

Adjust the strength of the sling shot to get a car flying
Choose a jumping direction and launch into the air
Watch your car jumping, flying, bouncing like crazy around until it goes smashing into the target…

… but only if you’re a skilled enough driver to handle all that speed!

Aim carefully & try to land in the marked spot – see if you can avoid destruction!! For the coins you collect in each stunt you can buy awesome upgrades that will catapult you to victory:

Slingshot power: faster driving = further flying!
Engine: for driving faster with maximum speed
Bonus: for driving faster thanks to money earned by jumping

The further you get, the more challenging the terrain becomes and the more carefully you have to aim to see your car flying like crazy through the air.

It’s not the time for casual car jumping.
It’s not the time for silly, stuntman flying.
What’s that? You just want to drift? Seriously, drift? Watch me drift off to sleep. You know what else drifts? Dead pieces of wood.
It’s the time of the slingshot. Sling your car into the air, stuntman.
Sling it far you awesome driver.
Sling it smashing into your target.
Be the ultimate stuntman driver!

Slingshot Stunt user reviews :

The game is solid; I like the set up. None of the levels may be necessarily “hard,” but they are fun to see how accurate you must be to win, which is nice. I bought ad free, and among other games, you don’t need to watch ads for upgrades, but there are microtransactions. Aside from that, I have a nitpick to where if some vehicles (the truck mainly) end up upside down, it forever slides, and no matter how slow it goes, if it’s not completely stopped, the level will not restart. Overall, good!

It’s a so-so game. The concept is fun enough, but constant ads and constantly requesting me to purchase the ad free version is a bit much. Also it seems like the physics of the ramps in the game are a bit messed up. Launching a car down the middle will sometimes result in it going straight, sometimes it will curve left, and sometimes it will curve right. It’s like the ramp just has a randomized surface that isn’t visible to the player making the car shoot in whatever direction it feels like.

First couple levels are alright but if you don’t want to watch ad after ad then it’s going to take you a long time repeating the same thing over and over to level up your car, the only way to complete the levels. Normally games require skill but this is just how high you can level up the car and pull your finger back to 100% power. Normally ads don’t bother me but this is just stupid. Also it’s really choppy and laggy, graphics aren’t good at all.

Fun for a couple levels, then it just becomes annoying. Takes a ridiculous number of upgrades to clear levels that aren’t hard in any way, but just require massive speed from a very buggy and annoying physics engine. The engine upgrade, in my experience, does nothing. If you want to waste 10 or 15 minutes and then uninstall the game, download it.

Needs more bug checks. If you play the game wrong enough in the beginning, you can max out all 3 categories but never be able to pass the game. This coupled with the idea that ads don’t appear til the later levels allowed me to reach game breaking levels within 30 minutes. I was able to hit level 101 on all 3 after an hour of grinding, but can’t get the car to the finish box because even launching at the minimum 10% power sends the car careening over the edge.

Decent Game. Biggest issue is that it allows you to upgrade your car way too much half the time the car is so upgraded it makes levels impossible. Since I paid for the ad free version it gets boring because your better off not upgrading the car until its absolutely necessary and saving it because overshooting the goal doesnt work. So you just dump money into the bonus. Wish they could figure something out because it had a good concept but fairly annoying upgrade style.

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