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Miuu NoteIntroducing Miuu Note, the cute and unique journaling app for self-expression! Keep your thoughts and feelings safe with this adorable app that features:

Cute mood stickers: Easily track your emotions and add some creativity to your journal with our cute mood stickers.

Adorable stickers: Decorate your diary with a variety of adorable stickers to make it truly unique. You can place multiple stickers for a custom design.

Secure lock: Protect your private diary with our secure lock feature.

Custom notebooks: Personalize your diary experience by creating unique custom notebooks with cute icon choices.

Customizable background: Match your personal style by changing the background to your preference.

Calendar view: Navigate your notes and memories with ease using our calendar view.

Dark mode: Enjoy a relaxing reading experience with our dark mode option.

Backup and restore feature on Google Drive: Keep your memories and feelings protected by securely backing up your journal entries to your Google Drive account. Restore your journal entries easily with just a few taps.

Get started with Miuu Note today and keep your memories and feelings protected. Express yourself in a cute and unique way and add a touch of creativity to your journaling journey!

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Miuu Note user reviews :

I would give this app 5 stars, but I do get upset over how when I go into a journal and view an entry, if I accidentally tap the screen it thinks I’m trying to type more. I wish it was changed so that in order to add more to an entry, you have to select “edit” or something. I also accidentally move stickers when trying to scroll down entries I’m reading. I hope there becomes an update where all entries have to press “edit” so that they don’t get messed up

This app is simply beautiful! It has so many features that are not usually present in note-taking apps for free. And the stickers are so, so cute! One might say, it’s a purrrrfect app. I do have a suggestion though. Can you, like, introduce a feature which lets us align the text, as in, set it in centre alignment or right alignment? Wonderful app, otherwise!

The app is great! It’s simple to use and has cute stickers that you can collect. So far from what I’ve seen, there have been no pop-up ads either. I love how you can add different sections for not just your journal. I love ranting, writing, and making OCs so pitting those three into different sections is great. Overall the app is great and it wouldn’t hurt for others to check it out. Edit: it also has cute stickers you can collect and add to your journal if anyone’s into that! I know I do.

This application is something wonderful. It has beautiful stickers and is very easy to use. But unfortunately there is one problem that prevents me from using the application. I’ve been using this application for a month and I haven’t been able to write anything there for 2 days. The text has also disappeared in earlier notes. I can only create new notes by adding a title and stickers. Please change it

This app is really cute! I’ve always hoped for an application like this for a long time. I really like that this application has its own characteristics (mascot design, stickers, and such). There are lots of cute sticker choices. Unfortunately, the application is a bit slow, and there are still some bugs. I don’t like how easy it is to edit by just tapping once. Kinda bothers me. And it would be better if you could add an export to PDF feature. I would love it even though it would cost money

pretty nice app, has features i’m looking for (saving entries outside of the app, images, etc.) and a nice ui. however it does have a problem with freezing. i’ve uninstalled the app before and reinstalled it just for the same issue to happen again.

it’s really cute and I like it! I enjoy writting things so I got the premium version since it’s not a bad price and I like what it comes with.. though I have some suggestions just little things id like to see! 1, see how many words you’ve written in each of your groups and maybe animated stickers? I gave it a 4\5 cause I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but it’s cute and I do like it

I love this notes app, it has so much personality. I love that I can create separate folders for any/everything. The stickers are the cutest thing. I’ve never had a problem with this app and the cheap subscription is well worth it for such adorable stickers.

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