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Smart Brain  Smart Brain is an addictive brain game with 250+ brain teasers and 4 different game modes — Smart Brain Classics, Story Puzzles, Game of Sticks, and Crazy Emojis. Each packed with mind-blowing and brain teasing puzzles to pop your brain out and make you think outside the box. It’s a brain test of your wits but… in a ridiculously fun way. From the creators of Brain Test Tricky Puzzles, Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories and Who Is? Tricky Riddles!

The game is carefully designed for all brain games, casual games, and trivia games lovers. If you enjoy riddles & brain teasers, math & logic puzzles, word games, and jigsaw puzzles, then this is definitely for you. It’s an absolute treat for people looking for all-in-one games for brains.

Play Different Game Modes

Smart Brain Classic
Smart Brain Classics has tricky mind games for all ages — from brain teasers for adults to brain teasers for kids. You got 100 unique levels of mind-blowing, mind-bending, mind breaking brainteasers. Solve them all and you’ll be proclaimed a genius.

Story Puzzles
Embark on mind-blowing adventures with 9 different stories unraveling the puzzles on the journey to move forward.

Alien Invasion
May the brain force be with you. Grumpy blue aliens attack Earth expecting to invade the planet and Steve Star needs your help. Rescue our planet with your smart mind, solve the stellar brainteasers, and blow the aliens’ brain out.

Jungle Book
Ready for some brain fun? Relive the playful friendship of Mowgli and Baloo in all-new fun brain games. Team up with them and find ways to solve mind teasers

Mad Scientist
Enter the world of lab adventures with Dr. Neuron, help him with scientific experiments, receive awards, solve his father’s cryptic letter, and many other brain teasing puzzles that’ll leave your mind blown.

True Detective
Unexplained cases make Detective Dexter’s brain pop and pique. Play along and help this eccentric detective think outside the box, find clues, dodge bullets, and solve mind-blowing mysteries. These are some of the best brain teasers for adults you would have ever played.

Naughty Pandas
You can’t get enough of brainteasers and pandas. So we’ve put them together — the panda brain teasing puzzles. Witness the naughtiness of these toddler-like creatures and help them save the climate, escape a bee attack, humblebrag kung fu chops, and more. The perfect funny brain teasers for kids

Thirsty Crow
Thirsty crow is the old story turned into a brain game to make your brain pop out. How? Well, you’ll have to find creative ways and think outside the box. It’s a simple brain test to know how creative and innovative you can get.

Which Door?
Three doors, one choice, only the right door saves life. Utilize your smart mind to solve the puzzle & help people. It has some of the most popular brain teasers for adults as well as brain teasers for kids that you won’t get enough of.

Help the Girl
This is a game for brain that requires exceptional creativity to rescue the girl. Save her from the robber, get her out from troublesome situations, and several other brain teasing puzzles that’ll make you think out of the box.

Blind Billy
Experience Billy’s life as a blind person and brain storm ideas to help him in his daily life. This is a different class of braingame that’ll enable you to understand things from a blind person’s perspective.

Game of Sticks
Simple matchsticks turned into brain teasing puzzles, and without a kindle, these can blow your brain out. It’s a smart game that puts matchsticks together into logical & lateral thinking brain twisters that you’ll want to play all day long.


Tricky puzzles
Funny game answers.
Fun for all ages: The best game for family & friends’ gatherings!
Download this funny game for free.
Great exercise for the brain.
Simple and highly addictive game play.
Play without the internet.
Play offline.

Have fun!

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Smart Brain user reviews :

Its a good game. But some mistakes are there.After completing 7 story challenges i don’t get any daily coins. And the 4th level in true detective the time was wrong. Time actually wanted is 40 second but in my phone its only 30 sec. I felt good adventures so i give 3 stars. I hope u will solve this promblem. I don’t if it was my problem. So I’m so satisfied

Ads suck. They constantly load and play in the background. You are unable to mute them. Too bad. Play seems good, but too many ads.

Good game, but the maze level does not work, you can only get so far, then the directional control stops working, so you can’t finish the level and proceed to the next, ill install it again once the problem is fixed.

This game is so fun!!! I have only seen about 3 adds the game is the best I do not know why people rate this a 1 star review if anyone did they don’t know what a fun game is sorry for such a long review but please download this game u will have fun

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