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smart Chords40 great tools for learning, composing and playing for students or professional musicians.

Everything works equally well for guitar, ukulele, bass or many other stringed instruments. Expect THE reference for chords, scales and picking patterns for any tuning. Or THE songbook with access to the world’s largest catalogs of lyrics, chords and TABs.

Only the best should be good enough. Expect a best-integrated set of tools. Basics like tuner, metronome or circle of fifths. But just better. The tuner has e.g. an extra string change mode or the metronome a speed trainer.

The ultimate chord library knows every chord and fingering for every instrument and tuning. Without exception! Conversely, there is a chord name for any fingering.

A songbook that is second to none. It finds every song imaginable with chords for any tuning and instrument. Without registration and account. It converts songs for guitar independently for ukulele, bass or banjo. Or vice versa from ukulele to guitar, etc. Of course with the corresponding chords and favorite fingerings. Incredibly functional: Intelligent line break, auto scroll, zoom, audio and video player, drum machine, YouTube integration, pedal support, online editor and viewer, and much more.

Scales galore. Play the scales with all kinds of patterns. Like the pros. And also sometimes different from what you are used to. Provides the diatonic chords for every scale and vice versa.

Expect extraordinary tools like a fingerpicking trainer, a transposer or a tone generator. Or a drum machine for songbook accompaniment or as a rhythm trainer. Or the innovative scale circle. It applies the principle of the circle of fifths to hundreds of scales and modes.

smartChord for:
Teachers as well as students. Exchange your exercises or songs
Singers and songwriters. Create chord progressions and discover new voicings
Bands. Create setlists and synchronizes them along with the songs

smartChord fits everyone:
Since everything for guitar works equally well for cavaquinho, charango, cigar-box guitar or mandolin
Since modes fit the playing level (beginner, advanced, expert)
Since for right- and left-handed players
Since eight languages are supported
No matter which key: smartChord transposes
No matter which preference: Western, Solfège or Nashville Number System

smartChord THE reference:
Every chord type and every fingering
40 instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele but also banjo or mandolin and any other stringed instrument)
450 tunings
1100 scales
400 picking patterns (especially for guitar, ukulele and banjo)
500 drum patterns

The tools:
Backup and restore tool
Chord dictionary
Chord progression
Chord pad
Chord simplifier
Circle of fifths
Custom tuning editor
Drum kit
Drum machine
Ear training
Fretboard explorer
Fretboard trainer
Grip explorer
Lyrics pad
MIDI test
Pattern trainer
Picking patterns dictionary
Pitch pipe
Practice module
Reverse chord finder
Reverse scale finder
Scale circle
Scale dictionary
Scale pattern reference
Song analyzer
Song editor
Song importer
Song key identifier
Song online editor
Song online importer
Song online viewer
Song search
String change tool
Synchronization tool
Tone generator
Tuning reference
Virtual string instrument

In addition:
Offline use, favorite, filter, search, sort, history, print, PDF, full screen mode, import, export, sync, share, gesture control, color scheme, dark mode, … 100% privacy

A big thank you for problems, suggestions or feedback : info[at]

Have fun and success learning, playing and practicing with your guitar, ukulele, bass,…

smart Chords user reviews :

Chords are presented in the same format as scales. This will make sense until you look at any other chart in the world. I emailed, to request an option to rotate chords into normal convention. They responded, their way is more consistent and maybe they will add it. I understand that it’s the neck represented in a consistent way, but it looks just like a chart and is very confusing.

In looking for an easy to navigate tuner app that supported guitar, bass, and mandolin options, I found this fantastic and overwhelmingly thorough, all-encompassing “everything you need for anything w/strings” app instead. I’m slowly working through the free features offered, and will no doubt end up buying one of the very fairly priced add-ons. Or their all-time access to everything is only 25 bucks! Ultimate gratitude to the Devs, just a gorgeous app all around. Cheers!

This app is, hands down, my favorite guitar tool aid. I really enjoy learning songs in other tunings, but find I’m pretty limited in only playing maybe that “one song” I learned in that tuning (usually Don Ross or Andy Mckee tunes). So, it’s great to use this for a quick reference to some chords and scales and in a matter of minutes, I’m able to have a fun jam session in a completely new tuning, either playing some chords or trying out some soloing. Highly recommend this app to EVERY guitarist!

O.k Muzo’s & budding Muzo’s, I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again!!! U would need your instrument shoved up yer clacka if U bypass this app, it’s a one stop learning and reference all instrument app. 10/10 I Do have one situation for improvement with the very few apps I pay full membership for. Record your order nbrs & DOP as if U loose MBL & cannot access your Google account used when purchased. U have to pay for full functionality again. It’s worth having full functionality of this app….

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