Soul Weapon Idle – Work together to face the World Raid Boss

[Game] Soul Weapon Idle

Soul Weapon IdleBecome the god of all weapons, the weapon itself, and save the world!

Idle RPG with the taste of growing every day!
The battle is spectacular! Growth is super fast!
Raise a Soul Weapon that grows on its own without you having to touch it!

High-quality dot design!
The biggest advantage of pixel graphics! cute!!!
Costumes, bosses, monsters, and backgrounds! Wherever you look, there are high-quality dot designs!

World raid boss appears!
Just one goal! Lots of colleagues!
Let’s all work together to face the World Raid Boss!

Party Dungeon Attack!
Gather your party and climb the Tower of Trials!
A stronger party member! Stronger rewards!

Market & Auction System!
Fast growth isn’t just about farming!
Trade the items you want with each other!

Skill Core & Rune System
Stop boring, simple, repetitive growth!
Develop your own soul weapon with the skill core and rune system!

Soul Weapon & Various Costumes
Toward a true weapon master! Grow to the next level with Soul Stone!
From head to toe! Dress up in your own costume!

Soul Weapon Idle user reviews :

Great gameplay, so much to do(team raids are a blast). Some bug abusers, slow bans, we will see if they fix it. Edit: They are working to fix issues when they arise, developer communication is not the best but they are trying.

It was a very fun game, but I only got to play once since there are no European servers as far as I saw on the servers list! Hope the game get a European server

You have in-game problem in Asia server and you can’t even fix it, you said there is no problem but it’s not true. I will change my rate after you fix the problem.

Please Fix the connection, its take too long just for 200mb download. I try update othergame with 1GB size, its just take 7 minute to finish.

Good game. I wish they add more skill variation like some kind of healing or buff type of skill. Different type of job and weappn other than sword

Since the weekly bond limit reset issue has been fixed, overall, this game is a must play, looking forward for more updates of this game

  • I’m glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. If you encounter any problems again, please let us know. Enjoy the game!

so far typical idle with weapon/armor summons and pixel graphics. If you like these types you will enjoy.

  • Hello, This is Soul Weapon Idle. Thank you so much for liking our game. We will do our best to ensure that you enjoy using it, and we hope you have a great day with Soul Weapon Idle! thank you

best game ever! I can beat monsters from this so I can get higher amounts of EXP and gain more gold!

I like it so far you will have to wait a couple days to get good at 100% but the game is actually pretty f2p friendly so good job devs

  • Thank you for leaving us a fantastic 5-star review. We will continue to create a game that you can recommend to your friends. Thank you!

its ok. especially in free buff, other idle game didn’t give this. but it need auto party system. i can’t enjoy all gameplay because i am too shy to find party in chat, but i can’t find listed party and party member too (i know party list menu, the one in left screen but still need to find party manually)

  • We are glad to hear you enjoyed playing our game. We will forward your suggestions to the operations team for review. Please continue to enjoy the game. Thank you.

it’s an idle game. What else am I supposed to say? it’s expected they want your money just for you to be stronger.

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