Smart Magnifier – Turns your device into a magnifying glass

[App] Smart Magnifier

Smart MagnifierSmart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection.

This app turns your device into a magnifying glass with camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash.
When you want to magnify small things and texts, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution. Try it now.

It is simple and easy tool to use. Here are main features.

LED light
Screen freezing
Camera zoom & Digital zoom (5x)
Rotating camera view

Do you want more tools?
download [Smart Light Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

Smart Magnifier user reviews :

This whole line of ‘Smart Tools’ is great. I absolutely love this magnifier. My eyes suck, so this really comes in handy. Pinch n zoom, tap to focus, being able to take pictures and use the flashlight is awesome. It took me a little while to figure out how to use the features, but there are probably directions for it. I’m too lazy to look for directions. The ads are extremely minimal and don’t interfere with the tools.

I really love all the features of the Smart Magnifier. It’s great for reading extremely small print and if you’re looking for a small object that was dropped in a difficult spot to see, the light is awesome. The camera is really helpful but, when you use it to take pictures, the icons on the facescreen of the app, is embedded in the pictures. Therefore, they aren’t the best to share. Other than that, it does the job and a great app to have.

So far it’s real good the flashlight gets really hot though

I have had this app on my phone for some years now, i use it quite frequently and I couldnt be happier with it, it is very clear and i especially like the “light” option and the fact you can take a quick “snap shot” of what you are viewing, very handy, very useful!

Recently installed. Have had it open briefly a couple of times to play with the features, buttons, and settings. Simple enough to operate, and will, l think, be a useful app aid.

Works for me. Easy to use. The icons are visible and easy to use. I like it .Maybe u folks could look into a microscope app oh, say maybe a 175 pwr if that’s realistic. Thanks!

I think camera caliberation and distortion of image should be more taken care of. Image stabilization also can be taken care. Add capacity to recognise object like register diod and transistor so that we can get more information with single window like Google lens capabilities.

Great tool with many features….. zoom (magnifying), light, focus, camera, freeze, portrait/landscape. I do like the magnifying glass simulator with zoom and light features…. so cool.

awesome app. I use a shortcut on my lockscreen to bring the Magnifier fast if I’m somewhere without my glasses. It will freeze frame which is useful at work to get a look into tight spaces or around corners.. I suppose the upgrade will let me take a snapshot.. I might try that next..

It is the best of the five I have tried. It can focus at close proximity but it works better if you can physically back off and use the zoom option.

I like this app for its simple functions and used it for years. But then they added an opening screen delay with full screen pop up ad following. Deal breaker for me.

Was much better before the huge ad launch. I don’t mind ads in apps and understand it’s their source of income but they are just much more cumbersome than all of the other ad added free or partially free apps

The graduations for the in and out magnifications are excellent and the LED light along with being able to get a picture of the object anytime is very nice.

Its much better than my my phone zoom you can see better than the zoom because when you took your camera real close its is so clean picture and more farther away its zoom 100% true and others complain about the ads then buy premium or then reset the app

Used to love this app and used it regularly for work. Now it’s flooded with advertisements. I’ll look elsewhere now or just use my camera to do the job. Disappointing.

Great magnification and very clear even at a distance of 800 mm. Amazing clarity close up pictures.

Excellent magnifier, never used one that is adjustable before!!! Amazingly clear.

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