Snail Bob 1 – Help him overcome all cunning levels

[Game] Snail Bob 1

Snail Bob 1

Meet Bob – a positive little snail on a mission who badly needs your help.

Help him overcome all cunning levels filled with mind-bending puzzles and witty tricks! Find and collect the hidden stars to complete a fun collection of sculptures and paintings.
Can you guess who our lovely mollusk imitates? Crossing the short levels in this brain game, you will appear in various stories, each chapter with a new setting. To enjoy these offline games no wifi is needed, just head on!

Start your snail run with a construction site. Poor Bob’s house was destroyed, and he has to find a new shelter. Will you help him escape the dangers and create a new Bob world in this app? The snail run won’t be easy, you’ll have to use your wits! Pull the levers, use the construction equipment, roll the stone balls to push the hard-to-reach buttons. During your adventure, you will meet Hunter Hamster at times. Interact with him and pass the levels easier.

Grandpa has always been so kind to Bob, and now Bob wants to congratulate him on his birthday with a lovely gift! In this snail mail entertainment, you are expected to guide the animal through dangerous wildlife and help him avoid all the pitfalls as he’s crossing the forest. Your new friend won’t sit still, and you need to keep an eye on him! Use portals, raise the bridges, and solve the puzzles on the way not to let bean fall. Watch out for the caterpillars and the UFO. Blow the balloons to rise in the air and pass over the obstacles. Hide from the Eagle but let the Woodpecker help the little shelly animal. Crossing the forest, your little friend will even appear at gunpoint of Hunter Hamster! You see, there’s so much to do on this level!

Where’s my water? It’s just under the bridges where squids are and taking away the gift. Don’t let it do that. Play that level again till you get the snail through!

The third chapter of this interactive fun will take you and your new friend, Bob, to ancient Egypt without a drop of water! There are so many obstructions to go through here! The Egyptian ants will block your way; the light will go off and leave you in darkness at some points. You’ll need to hide from the sandstorm and escape from Anubis.
However, Egyptian frogs, the flying carpet, and Genie from the lamp will help this small shelly animal crossing obstacles. The old mummy magician snail is the last to fight. Use his power against him and complete the chapter of this brain game with a victory!

Feeling ready for new adventures in these offline games? Then download the Snail Bob, tap Run Game, and enjoy level games for free! If you prefer free games without wifi or internet, Bob the Snail is a wonderful choice! It promises such warm emotions for players! You will feel kindness toward the small mollusk animal and will find it one of the best entertainment games!

From Hunter Hamster Studio, the creators of remarkable series of games including Snail Bob: Love Story, Forest and Space Story, Island Story, Egypt Story, Winter and Fantasy Story, we are happy to present to your judgment the highly anticipated Android version. Snail Bob is among the most enticing fun games! Yet, you needn’t be a Squid Game skilled player to enjoy the Bob free games and mini-games. Your snail ride will be pleasant in any case!

You are going to enjoy the puzzle adventure of a little snail since it is a well known hit among games for boys, games for girls and popular animal escape games without wifi!

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Snail Bob 1 user reviews :

Love it! Pleasing (and funny) app with lovely graphics and sounds. Gameplay is easy too, although beginning to get a little harder now. The puzzles are getting gradually harder, but not too quickly. Only problem is that I’m addicted!

  • Hello! Your review is a true decoration to our page, thank you!

Just started playing fun so far. Ads between each level which seems normal now? ETA I made the purchase at the discounted price and don’t regret it! It’s a fun simple game.

  • Good morning! Unfortunately, we have to show you ads so that we can create new games and support current games.

its fun. graphicsare clean, game play is simple. not too many ads. edit to add: your reply is confusing. I really like the game

  • Hello! We are sincerely sorry that you appreciated our game so much because of the ads. Unfortunately, we have to show it to you in order to be able to update current games and create new game worlds. And you can also buy a subscription, which will completely remove the ads and give bonuses in the game.

It’s a good eazy game, and there’s not a lot of adds. Perfect game to play when your bored!

  • Hello! Thank you for your kind words!

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