My Town Daycare – Sifferent rooms to adventure into

[Game]  My Town Daycare

My Town Daycare

My Town: Daycare games for kids bring six cute babies and 12 happy characters, from teachers to family members.

There are six locations to discover including a playground complete with swings and a slide. Be a babysitter, dress up the little babies, you can choose from a lot of cute outfits.You can interact with almost every item you see, so after putting the babies down for a nap (make sure to cover them up with their blankets!). Babies and kids need a delicious meal several times a day. Prepare different types of food in the kitchen, such as cereals or fresh fruits and give them milk too!

6 different rooms to adventure into!
5 lovely babies and more characters such as babysitter, mom, dad, kids.
Over 90 new items and sounds to discover!
Be a babysitter, dress up the babies and kids, play with them and explore our daycare games for kids!

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

My Town Daycare user reviews :

I gave this game to stars because the amount of ads is terrible I don’t want to be mean but it’s true. You have to buy all the places with money is annoying they don’t give you not even one place without counting the house not even one this game will be fun if you earn money by finding the hearts and you could get the houses choose my friend in the hearts some are 100 or some more than a hundred you just have to find them whatever how you find you get five hearts is better.

Yes it’s good and great I love playing my town games they are offline and I can turn off my internet for no adds so that’s the best thing but I don’t like how we have to watch adds for characters but I like how it saves our progress

Wow this game is the most beautiful game in the world not like others you are making beautiful games for us and why we can’t give you five stars it’s perfect to give you five stars and you are the best as always you are making new games for us I am so proud of you because you make new games as always I like your games and even though some are not good but still you are the best…

I’ve played alot of these games and for the people who gave 1 star you just never played alot of there amazing games and idc bout the ads the fun that is all that matters love the person who made the games

I love the game and it keeps me busy in my free time but it is hard to get the character

The game start very slow pls and there is so many ads pls fix it

I love it so much that I nearly cried and there is so many cute babies

It help my kid with some stuff he loves this game my town is the best game but anime is better?

Because it’s free and because it has less adds then the usual they don’t cost as much as not the free one.and when you play and you’re offline it stays connected so u can play free. Great great game thanks for creating this game I appreciate it,and to people who made it and maybe worked so so hard on it thanks to the people who try these games working hard on them for days and hours.

I love this game. The game of very good. This is great game. I love playing my town games.

I am just adicted to my town but i realy realy want some but i can not afford them but i realy realy want them thank you .

great game just sucks how stuff are locked and sucks how you have to watch a add for more characters

I love my town games i play story opnet my has my town game in games are best all games are this game is so best wooooow i love it

l love my town l play my town all day this is a fun game l love it thanks from have this game love you all cool game have you see this add call somter game plz add like a somter game don’t you kown somter game

Ive been playing My Town since for almost 1-2 years now. Its never let me down and its always fun to play, Im so… VERY.. happy they now made some of them for free. I got tired of playing the same 3/4 My town games that are free. Now theres a ton more! I recommend playing this and showing other people it as it is a great game to play.

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