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Soccer Manager 2024Soccer Manager 2024 is the mobile football management game with unrivalled accuracy, immersion, and enjoyment.

Take control as a football manager at one of over 900 clubs in 54 leagues across 36 countries around the world. Buy, sell, and manage real players to create your top eleven with accurate attributes enabled by Soccer Manager’s proprietary Soccer Wiki database, continuously supported by fans in our expertly-informed football fan community.

Now you can manage international teams in major tournaments against other teams in your continent and around the world. Enjoy stunning match and environment visuals, with player likenesses and animations never having looked so good! Handle transfers, training, tactics & formations, and develop your football club’s facilities as you rise to become champions.

Domestic and continental cup success with your top eleven can result in exciting opportunities. You may be invited to become the manager of an international team, taking part in continental and global tournaments against the best international teams in the world!

If you want to truly prove your football management credentials, then forge your own legend by creating your own football club! Start at the bottom, experiencing what it’s like to be the ultimate football manager in your ascent to the very top with soccer stars you have bought, or wonderkids you have grown into world-leading professionals.

Experience what it’s like to be the ultimate football manager in SM24:
Over 25,000 real players at over 900 football clubs from the 54 most popular leagues in the world.
Prove your dominance as a football manager across the continent with the highest level of continental football club competitions.
Become a renowned international manager, with almost 100 international teams to control and guide.
Emulate your favourite football manager to guide your top eleven to global success.
Try forging your own legend by creating your dream football club and grow a team of super star soccer players.
Create a manager to match your personal style, with customisation and wardrobe options.
A dynamic live transfer market allows you to intelligently decide which players to bring in as you build your top eleven. Rapid player contract negotiation and resolution adds to the realism and immersion.
Sign experienced super star soccer players for instant success, or nurture the next generation of “wonderkid” new soccer stars as a talent-spotting football manager.
Watch your football management strategy succeed on the pitch with visually stunning characters, animations, and environments. Real players and stadiums have never looked so good!
Tactically manage your top eleven however you wish, from training ground coaching to live pitch-side instructions.
Analyse in-depth statistics reports and decide how to improve your football team’s performance.
Choose how to build and upgrade your football stadium and football club facilities to world class quality.

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Soccer Manager 2024 user reviews :

Same issues as before. Great game, great graphics, for the most part, just brilliant, but the game engine (or gameplay) is absolutely atrocious. Instructions are simply not followed. It’s clear work is done in and around the game very well, but the most important part is that the matchday has been neglected since soccer manager 2021. That was the last time instructions were properly followed.

  • Hi there. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced problems. We’re constantly updating the game to fix bugs & improve different features. Please try updating your game to 1.2.2 to see if this fixes your problem, and if not, head over to to let us know more. Thanks!

It was a great game, but I think there should be more tactical changes that we can make. For instance, we can just choose Wingback or Fullback, we can’t make them to play inverted or overlap. And also, even if we choose to play the positional game with position fluid ‘advance’ , it doesn’t work, players never make position changes or formation changes. That’s all, the game is great and these are the facts that will make this game better.

I would like to give 5 stars but I have a few complaints. Change the transfer system, there’s no swap deals which buffles me. We should also be able to manually save our progress. You should include a skip option when playing matches that would also include auto subs and also when playing quick play. Overall it’s a really good game the best I have played so far

  • Hi there. Thank you for the positive review! We’ll definitely take onboard your feedback and see what we can do to make the Soccer Manager series even better going forward. Thanks!

I have been a big fan since 2019 . This update has nothing different from the previous version (2023). Only a change in the colour theme and minimal changes to the gameplay. I used to love the playlist you guys had (modern obsession by the empire police) was on of them but this year, the tracks are really boring. But I am still a fan, though

  • Hi there. Thank you for your review! It looks like you’re on an older version of the game. We’re constantly updating the game to fix bugs & improve different features so please try updating your game to 1.2.2 to see if this fixes your problem and bumps your review up to 5*. If not, head over to to let us know more. Thanks!

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