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Soccer TycoonYou are a business tycoon who wants to get into the world of football.

You start off with enough money to buy a small soccer club and take full control of it. You must buy and sell players, appoint a good football manager, hire and fire staff and develop your stadium as you strive to climb the leagues and win soccer trophies.

There are 750 soccer clubs to own across 9 European countries including England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands. Each country has realistic league and cup competitions, meaning there are 64 soccer trophies to compete for in total – how much silverware can you win?!

There are 17,000 soccer players in the game and your scouts and manager will regularly provide reports on as many as they can. Make offers to buy or loan them, using your business acumen to negotiate transfer fees and personal terms. You’ll be in control of player sales too – will you accept that big offer for your star player? Will you back your manager in the transfer market?

Build up the value of your soccer club in order to sell it and buy a better one. Or stick with your original club, work closely with your manager and take it all the way to European glory!

Continually level up your soccer club’s stadium and facilities to help your club grow. The Stadium, Training Ground, Youth Academy, Medical Centre and Club Shop can all be expanded, allowing your club to rival the top teams in Europe.

There are other personnel to handle than just the football players. The Manager, Head Coach, Academy Coach, Physio, Head Scout, Youth Scout and Commercial Manager all play their part in the success of the club. Hire and fire them at the right time to achieve the best results for your club.

So will you be a prudent owner, backing your football manager, investing in your soccer club’s facilities and nurturing young talent? Or will you try and buy success, splashing the cash to sign top players for big money?

However you choose to run your football club, the goal is still the same – win all the trophies and become the ultimate Soccer Tycoon.

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Soccer Tycoon user reviews :

Not really fun tbh. One has to watch ads to be financially viable and some of the ads like the Mistplay can’t be closed when clicking on the arrow or X. The amount of coins to sign some players is excessive. Results are very erratic and players being scouted are of low qualit. The balance is off. I’m fine paying to remove ads, but the game hasn’t shown me enough to be worth $7 just to play it properly.

Honestly probably the best tycoon. Just simple, offline and time killing. Would absolutely rate it 5 stars you just really need to sort the consistent freezing every 10 seconds. Thankfully loading it pretty instant but please sort the freezing out other then that pretty good game.

Great concept. Horrible results. Really tired of grinding away season after season to build up a strong team only to keep losing to garbage teams. How do I routinely lose to teams whose highest rated starter is lower than my lowest rated starter? It’s very tiresome and frustrating. This post is the last effort I will be putting into this game.

Had this game for over a month now I think and I am well and truly addicted!! Love the idea of selling up at the end of the season and purchasing any club you can afford I would like to be able to have more than 1 saved game One thing is too you can get any player you want providing you have the cash, what I mean is Man City’s best player for example wouldn’t be going to their rivals for a start, the club probably wouldn’t accept and neither would the player Here’s to the future!

Pretty fun experience, but with some gameplay flaws. Some things just are markedly different from real futball- it’s the manager who determines what players to bring in and release, not the owner; in fact, the manager determines much more than this game allows, and the owner mostly writes the checks. But it’s a different approach to a soccer game, and it’s mostly enjoyable.

Absolutely amazing free game keeps you entertained, the odd advert all season and when there is it rewards you with money for your club. Will definitely be looking at the paid version to support and also use the editor

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